New Kid on the Block: Above Pigment

There’s a new nail salon in town.

Jason Zheng, who also owns a salon on the Upper East Side called Attitude Spa & Nail, has opened Above Pigment next door to Gunbae on Murray between West Broadway and Greenwich. (The actual opening date was in July, not long after nail salons were permitted to reopen.) They did a nice renovation on the space, with some original decor details. He specializes in a polish called Dazzle Dry, which dries quickly and stays on longer and is considered vegan in some circles (but how that works for nail polish is a mystery to me).

The 1800-square-foot shop is also vented to the roof like a restaurant, which as of a few years ago is now required for all nail salons in the city. Hours are 10 to 8 every day.

Above Pigment Nails & Spa
69 Murray



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  2. This is wonderful news and I will be sure to check them out. Welcome.