Cocoon is moving forward in Best Market space

I don’t have a ton of specific details to share on Cocoon, but boy, even as a passer-by it is so refreshing to see the plywood gone from those prominent windows at Independence Plaza. Makes you realize how dead Greenwich Street feels as a result of the abandonment of all those retail spaces up to N. Moore.

Cocoon, at 316 Greenwich in the old Best Market space, is scheduled to be a members-only family play and education space founded by two downtown couples — Battery Park City residents Karl Chong and Megan Lucas-Chong and LES residents Jenny Lo and Tony Yu. The business model is membership-based and the focus is entirely on families with kids. (Here’s the original story from January.)

Karl Chong said last week that while they have not decided on an opening date, construction is ongoing and the website is now live (but still being developed) with a schedule of classes that start up in early November. What is ready to go are the plate glass windows on the south side of the space, which is what has transformed that corner already.

The plan came to light back in January (remember January??) when they appeared before the CB1 Licensing Committee, but Karl said they have decided NOT to pursue a beer and wine license after all. More TK when they are open.



  1. I wish them much good luck in the former Best Market space. I do miss Best Market SO much though. Their tuna steaks at $9.99 a pound were just delish. Ah, oh well. We must move on.

  2. This is such a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. I remember that space been massive. It feels refreshing to read about this. As mom of two (and another on the way!) I’m excited about having another option for the family this Fall. Do we know when they start selling memberships and what’s included?

    • You can contact them directly on the site.

    • This is such a useless addition to the neighborhood not to mention a covid magnet. This space should’ve been a grocery store.

      And how are they allowed to be an entirely indoor space? They’re not an essential business.

  3. I’m glad someone is taking the space but was holding out hope for something like Westside Market or Garden of Eden so we could pick up prepared foods, sandwiches, and fill in groceries.