Sole di Capri has closed

Many readers had warned me that the end was near for Sole di Capri, but with it looking like it did above just a couple weeks ago, it was hard to believe. I will choose to remember it that way.

The Italian restaurant, which was originally Capri Caffe and changed its name in 2012, was a neighborhood favorite with devoted regulars. It was known for its charm, its warmth, and its damn good food — all served up in a tiny mosaiced space on Church and Reade. It was also a member of that dying breed: the mom-and-pop restaurant. A. said owner Eddie was paying an unsustainable $10k in rent and decided to focus instead on a restaurant he has in Huntington, Long Island.

“It was a favorite of ours and several others in the building,” said B., “but not enough of us, I guess.”



  1. We really loved that place and the staff was so nice. They always recognized us out of the restaurant too. We often took out of town guests there. Their outdoor dining space was so beautiful. Their indoor space would be very small for Covid times. This is very sad to hear.

    • Agreed, we always enjoyed eating there.

      What’s their restaurant in Huntington?

      • I can’t figure it out via Google and they are hard to reach, but I will post it when I learn.

        • Chef Eddie’s dream wasn’t over. He’s re opened again in beautiful, Huntington Long Island. It’s still a mom and pop shop and their son is there too. They worked all covid long to make this happen and had the help of an Angel investor.
          It’s different than quaint Tribeca.. but has a lot of the memories and even sentiments of decor from the Sol Di Capri we knew and loved. It’s now called Edoardo’s! It’s a salumeri, Bakery, caffe and restaurant. It’s at 300 New York Ave, Huntington Long Island.
          Instagram @Edoardostrattoria

          It’s worth the drive to Long Island ;)

      • Edoardo’s Trattoria

        Excellent food and service

    • My favorite restaurant downtown – so many special memories.

      We’ll miss you Mr. Eddie. Our best to you and your son.

  2. Sorry to hear this. Sole di Capri was our favorite place. Wishing Eduardo all the best with his future plans.

  3. Eddie made hands down the best pasta this side of Amalfi. This is so sad, Eddie — we miss you already

  4. I am very sorry to hear this news. This was the only “real” restaurant in Tribeca. Great food, reasonable prices, down to earth staff & all of the old charm of the lost NYC.

  5. this is beyond sad…loved this place – part of our family routine! Without some type of commercial rent forgiveness – we will lose almost all of our great little places.

  6. every damn place is gone in tribeca that is awesome…why even stay here anymore…all storefronts empty. any good food gone, no hardware store really, no supermarket but one damn overpriced one, no good chinese food anywere, no bike store, no nothing…..totally nuts what is happening. RIP SOL Capri…go damn…I am so mad

  7. So very sad. Loved Sole Di Capri. Best soups. So sorry there is no help for our restaurants. Hard to see what’s happening to my city.

  8. Eduardo y Amparo –

    We miss you. So sorry to see this, we wish you well, and hope to find you again, wherever you land.

    You had the best restaurant for miles around.

    This is confirmation that NYC has been gravely wounded, with neighborhoods being hollowed out, losing the connections, businesses, and warmth that has taken decades to create – through the hard work, and risk-taking, of people like Eduardo.

    “El profesor y la profesora”

  9. I am devastated. This place was a treasure. All the best to Eduardo and his team.

  10. This was my favorite restaurant in New York. I would take people there and they were always astounded. Fell into none of the mundane grooves of so much Italian food in the city. I will never forget the pasta with walnuts – can taste it now, thinking of it. Must find their place in Huntington

  11. Will come from Miami and the first meal will be
    with Eduardo at Sole
    What is the name of the restaurant in Long Island
    and the phone number?

    • It is called Edoardo’s Trattoria and the residents of Huntington (myself included!) are so so wonderfully delighted to have them. I hope you all can come out on the LIRR to see the latest spot. It’s a delight.

  12. we absolutely loved your restaurant and just learned you had closed as we plan our first return trip to nyc.

    it would have been the highlight of our return.

    will miss you and your inspired menu.

    brad & linda from canada


  13. Did anyone figure out the restaurant in Huntington?