What will Halloween 2020 look like?

© Kimberly M. Wang / @eardogfoto

There’s no better neighborhood than Tribeca for Halloween, and after raising three kids whose friends live in all corners of the city, I say that with authority. But as it already has in so many ways, 2020 will ruin this too.

The CDC actually has guidelines — in the ‘daily life coping’ section — for holidays during a pandemic, and labels what I think of as a classic Tribeca Halloween “high risk.” Even a grab-and-go goodie bag, where kids approach the end of a driveway to take their treats one at a time, socially distanced, is considered “moderate risk.”

The Friends of Washington Market Park, whose parade down Greenwich has been a neighborhood happening for three decades, will not be allowed to host that or the party in the park this year. And it is my guess that neighborhood shopkeepers, who spend hours every year joyfully handing out candy (and often adult-friendly treats too) will hesitate to do so this year, as hard as it is to let go of tradition.

However, there are already some decorations floating about (look up!) as well as some low-key events brewing. I can add to this post if I hear of others.

The Friends will host its annual Pumpkin Carving Contest this year as a drop-off-only event on Oct. 31 and will display the neighborhood’s gourd artistry along the park’s Greenwich Street fence on Halloween day and into the night. There will be prizes! Watch their Instagram and posters outside the park for details in the next weeks.

If you have yet to catch a Thursday night concert at Duane Park, get over there soon before the weather turns. It’s a real treat. On the Thursday before Halloween — Oct. 29 — The Friends plan to decorate and ask neighbors to come in costume. The performer is TBD, but concerts start at 6:30 and are over by 8. (That’s Matthew Suyat, an American Idol contestant, playing last week.)

You know I have a soft spot for Economy Candy in the East Village, and there is nothing around here like it, so I am adding their latest offerings as well. (Along with every shopkeeper they are suffering, but this month is usually their biggest so it is especially painful.) Of course, I would propose this as a Field Trip rather than an online order, but they do have their CandyCare Packs geared for Halloween on their website and they are selling trick-or-treat bowls and pre-made goodie bags and pails with some of the weird and old-timey stuff they have that I love — wax fangs, Zotz, Ooze Tubes. Don’t forget Pop Rocks if you do walk over.