Dare we say it? Bogardus is nearing completion

At the risk of jinxing anything, Bogardus Plaza is looking a lot more like a park, and may indeed be nearing its opening date. There’s a chance it is done before the end of the month.

The shot above was caught by Sonia Stock from a window in the triangle building, and the one below is from Chambers. The eggs were placed last week, the classic lamp posts have been installed, there’s soil in the planting beds and the footings are in for all the benches.

Smells like progress.


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And another

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  1. The most ridiculous, wasteful, and lengthy project ever done is about to be finished just in time when most have left. It blows the mind how long did it take for the size of the project.

    Bogardus will forever live in infamy as a case study on the inneficiency of public administration.

    • Its not wasteful if it gets done. Whomever left is either coming back or better they are gone. Tribeca has one of the lowest infection rates in Manhattan which has the lowest infection rate in the City. This outdoor space is welcome even if its late and over budget (is it?). All public projects are complained about when they are in progress and lauded when they are completed. Id hate to live in a city where the naysayers win. it wouldnt be a city, just a wasteland of cars passing through

      • agree frank. dumber than dumb….1st it was a street then they spent hundreds of thousands to turn it into a park for years to go ahead and close it for years to turn into another park…why and who is paying for it patrick…i think you are and me and everyone else in this city…great to have but silly…what was wrong with the 1st park they ripped up…Maybe they should have take that money and given it back to our damn sanitation department instead of some damn eggs things that some punk ass bitches will tag every other week or better yet the police that are briiliant mayor took money from so we dont have all this damn stabbing and guns goign off all over tribeca…Just my thoughts…But maybe i am wrong…this park could be a great idea!!!!

        • I guess if we were to look at how the sausage was made on every project – we would all shutter at some or all. When its finished and open (which is all I care about) people will sit there and be happy. And I think those guys with the slow and stop signs saved me twice from being run over by a wayward suv :)

        • First off recent one stabbing on Church Street and one recent shooting on Franklin Street due to a crime magnet.

          Second maybe if First Precinct didn’t hang out there and walked the beat those crimes wouldn’t have happened.

          Last two beat cops walking Chambers from Broadway to Greenwich and Church from Murray to Reade would greatly reduce crime there.

          You want less crime? Then tell FP to get out there and show themselves.

  2. Ha. That graffiti on the barricade. 🤦‍♂️

  3. Is it really coming to an end?? Sigh! I am going to miss the four construction workers standing on Reade St holding SLOW signs and texting on their phones

  4. I remember 12 months ago, it got to this stage. I think they even took away the machines. It was a happy time, we got the champagne on the ice, we then went away for a week, came back and they had dug it all up again. The ice melted, the hopes turned to despair. I won’t have my hopes raised again.