Frenchette Bakery has opened in the arcade

I’m sure I was meant to savor that first Frenchette croissant in some dappled urban sunlight with a steamy café au lait and a newspaper that leaves your fingers a little inky on the tips. But instead I scarfed it down while driving over the Brooklyn Bridge on my way to a funeral on Long Island and I’ll tell you the experience did not disappoint. Needed comfort; got it.

I will leave it to the food writers to describe the texture, the tanginess of the sourdough, the weight and heft — or lack thereof — to each layer. But for us locals I will say Frenchette Bakery is open, Monday to Friday, 8a to 4p (or so says the Google) and in my mind not a moment too soon. (The seating inside is not yet open but will be soonish.)

(I plowed through one croissant and then in the way you do when you have decided in advance that you’re not going to have three baked goods for breakfast, I picked at the caramel croissant and the pain au chocolat with my hand in the bag, pulling out chunks at a time, till they were gone too. I did have time to note that it is a really nice, satisfyingly thick, waxed paper bag.)

The menu is below. I’ll have more details when I have a chance to chat with the owners about the people and ideas behind the counter.

Pro tip: the pain au chocolat is the hardest to eat one-handed, especially if you like to tear your food apart like I do.

Frenchette Bakery
220 Church Street (Thomas and Worth)



  1. Stopped by earlier this week and had the butter croissant and demi baguette. It was heavenly! Prices are very reasonable too.

  2. Raced over when I saw this post this AM. The carnalized croissant is out of this world if you have a sweet tooth. Went a little overboard with excitement and got the gourgeres (amazing), Sicilian pistachio (you will love if you like pistachio) and regular croissant. The regular croissant isn’t on the Arcade level, but bests anything I’ve had around here since Arcade closed.

    I can’t wait to try their bread options. Overall, a great addition to the neighborhood. Go get some pastries folks!

  3. I keep going back for the Kouign Amann (said “queen ah-mon.”) – a pastry I’ve only seen in a handful of places. They are sold out every time! The bakers let me know they take 4 hours to rise, so I just have to get my timing right.

    Welcome Frenchette bakery!

  4. Are they open on the weekend?

  5. Great news!!!! Comfort food when needed most! A welcome return to that barren hallway all these months. Did someone just call me a Pavlov Dog?
    PLEASE shop local! Our neighborhood depends on it.
    Balloon Saloon

  6. What are their hours?

  7. Je suis tres heureuse!