Seen & Heard: A welcome sight at City Hall

The gates are open at City Hall Park (I think it’s been a few days now but first I am getting to it). The fountain isn’t running but I guess we can’t be too greedy especially with the Parks Department running on a 25 percent budget cut. ($80 million from a $300 million budget.) Lucky Washington Market Park has its own funding stream — for now.


A coalition of local preschool programs — an organization called DECA, the Downtown Early Childhood Association, created 40 years ago — will host a virtual preschool fair to assist families with the admissions process on Oct. 29 and 30, 9a to 3p. There’s no cost to families (or participating schools for that matter). There will be 30 schools represented and families can watch panels and Zoom-visit specific schools over the two days. Register here.

I was going to add a note here that the Oculus was hosting its free outdoor movies on the plaza starting this weekend but it seems the dates are already sold out. In case you want to check yourself, the link is here. Dates are Oct. 16, 17, 30 and 31.

Still no opening date on the beer garden at the Oculus, but it’s coming together and now, the big reveal on the name: Oculus Beer Garden. Can’t believe they didn’t like my Okulus idea.



  1. Does anyone know about the continued police closure of Beach street and barricades on Beach, Varick and West Broadway. It appears to be more of a police parking lot than anything else. I have tried council woman Chin to ask but haven’t gotten an answer after 3 calls. Also, why are the police who stand in front of the station house never wearing masks? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • First Precinct hasn’t closed Beach Street (yet) but they have turned it into a police parking lot with double parking. They have closed Ericsson Place & West Broadway between Lispernard & Canal & made those into police parking lots, too. They have also created traffic congestion from these two closures as now cars have to drive up to Canal (Ericsson closing) or across then above it (W.B’way closing) to go east above Canal – no more going east on Ericsson to Lisperard to West Broadway thanks to these sloths who are probably charging people for spaces I know the barricade at West Broadway literally has a copcar backing up to let cars & bikes through, so a cop or two are gatekeepers now? ‘Haven’t seen a barricade on Varick only cuz I haven’t been up there recently but I’ll give a specific report on what’s there – thanks for the heads up on that one!

      They’re not wearing masks because they are inconsiderate pro-Trump anti-mask idiots like him who like him don’t care if they spread COVID 19 amongst themselves or give it to others. They endorsed that idiot-monster.They think they’re above the law like him. Smug, arrogant, petulant babies like him crying about deBlasio due to their failure as cops.

      If they don’t like being cops they can do something else or become cops somewhere else.

      Watch Serpico & see they haven’t changed one bit. “It’s not in our secta (sector)” that’s their motto.