Nosy Neighbor: Why does the NYPD have West Broadway closed?

C. wrote (and she’s not the only one to bring this up): “Why have the police closed off West Broadway and the east side of Sixth just before Canal?”

The NYPD’s spokesperson’s explanation is that this the entrance to Transit District 2 and that all NYPD precincts are “operating at a heightened level of security.” Transit District 2 operates out of the Canal Street Station at West Broadway and Lispenard.

Given the issues going on in the subways these days, a heightened level of security seems like a good idea. However, I still don’t see why that means the street is blocked and a lane is cordoned off. There are several NYPD parking spaces there in front of Pepolino, but those were not being used when I went by most recently.

That also gets me to the Greenstreets triangle that is Yoya’s Park. It could use some attention, and the folks that tend to it are a bit tired of the garbage piling on top of the grease trap in the southern corner. Will take a closer look at that soon…




  1. Heightened level of security…in the precinct with the lowest crime rate in the city. Oh please. By their logic why aren’t streets in Harlem, East New York, Mott Haven, Stapleton, and Jackson Heights i.e. the most dangerous neighborhoods in their respective boroughs closed left and right?

    How will closing this sliver of West Broadway (and Ericsson Place) make the neighborhood safer? They just decided they want their own private parking lots for cops only. And it’s no coincidence that these two private parking lots are just two blocks apart. They like hanging out at the barricades – much easier than hanging out at Chambers & Church or Greenwich or on Franklin where the holdups take place. Btw they are lying for the simple fact that they let bicyclists ride through this closed section of WB without checking them.

    These closures have created more traffic congestion on Hudson, Canal, and Avenue Of The Americas.

    As the first person to bring up this closure (not The closure of Ericsson) I call BS.

  2. It’s a parking lot for their personal cars.. You see them all getting out to get geared up. Same as erikson place and the surrounds..

  3. I was through there today, and there was a large group of cops with no masks on. I pointed it out and did not receive a friendly response.

  4. Thanks for highlighting the NYPD land grab and their generic response.

    In regards to Yoya’s park – these are beautiful Linden Trees that are unbelievably fragrant when they blossom (sometime in June usually). One of them needs serious propping up as it is leaning heavily to one side. It is usually filled with trash. Please do check into why the Parks Department, which overseas the Greenstreets Pocket Parks, is neglecting these lovely old trees.

  5. It’s obvious the police just want a private parking lot for themselves.

    But since it’s now obvious what a poor use of space this section of West Broadway is as parking/street, why not turn it into a plaza a la Bogardus Plaza?

    And so it doesn’t end up taking the City 12 years and half a billion dollars, I would suggest rezoning the little shanty triangle on 6th and Canal in exchange for that developer taking charge of the plaza.

  6. Heightened parking security. That’s the only reason. NYPD can only close streets off like this on a temporary basis, but a longer term closure has to be be approved by DOT which this and all the new NYPD “parking lots” have not been. So technically this is illegal. And you wonder why people want to defund them. BS like this.

  7. There is no reason IMHO to keep this (and other st) closed, except its a very convenient parking lot for them. We the people get fines and our cars towed, but they not only close streets for their convenience, but also still park wherever they want using their friend and family placards. My question is, where is City Council on all this? why are the council members not fighting it? I for one will make sure to ask those questions to whoever runs for office, we have had enough of this type of abuse. They dont own the city, we pay taxes and demand accountability. This one generates more traffic and even alters Public Buses, since the lane they decided to close actually has a bus stop.

    I get it when things were bad and they were protests daily, but its been months from that and now it is not necessary .

    • The DOT street sign already states it is designated Police parking. Seems resonable seeing all these protesters damaging property and vehicle. An Nypd vehicle crashed this week after having their brake lines cut.

  8. all of you haters need to chill out. how about you try to do their jobs. my guess is that you lack the courage and grit to do so. let’s not forget – when 9-11 happened, their brothers and sisters were running up the stairs trying save people. some people have confused heroes and villains…

  9. Most of you need to get a life! In midst of Covid & more, you’re worried about parking spaces, trees and either you weren’t here on 9/11 or have a very convenient memor. Altho most running upstairs were firemen, it certainly applies to police too. The villains are not the vast majority of NYPD. Every barrel has a few bad apples.

    As for NYPDo Nothings: do you think that it’s gift of the gods that 1st Precinct has ‘the lowest crime rate in the city’? Do you think that 1st Precinct has control over the other precincts’ ploicies & actions? Maybe you think that your sh*t doesn’t stink either?

    This is inconvenient, but not life & death: THAT’S COVID!
    Get a grip on what’s worth complaining about (see: BLOOD MANOR).

  10. Imagine having rampant homelessness, businesses leaving by the day due to there being no future in NYC, residents moving out by the thousands and a City’s future in question and your worried about a minor side road being closed temporarily and parking? Maybe tell your buddies to stop messing with police cars and they’ll open back up your precious side block.

    • Maybe NYPD should do actual policewotk like walk the beat, station patrol cars at hotspots, stop crimes in progress, and catch criminals on the run instead of do none of thst, turn streets into their private parking lots, and loaf around at them.

      And since you want to accuse me and/or whoever else of being buddies of people “messing with police cars” (whatever the hell that is) how bout you stop being a cops are always right thus never do anything wrong cop bootlicker?

      Your dystopian view of NYC is BS. You want the Giuliani era back. We’ll you’re not getting it. Fascism mixed with corporatism is over. You know there is a worldwide pandemic right? With a total careless moron with no plan to fight it in Trump. Hence the situation we’re in. But you continue with your tired the city is going to hell drivel. Btw you could care less about the homeless save to seep them away like garbage. You and half the commenters on this NIMBY and pro-Trump plagued site.

  11. Are you guys that bored or that dense? This article is so opinionated.
    I’ve been living here since 2005 and seen so many changes in such short time. Why would the police need to establish a private parking lot when the city (through their collective bargaining) grants street parking with their placard? (Teachers get this too)

    You guys must not live here and seen the destruction that took place over the summer. There is a police precinct inside the subway station in this intersection. Marked and unmarked police cars are parked here. Maybe if these peaceful protesters stop vandalizing their cars, jumping on their cars, graffitiing their cars, they may not have to cordon this area off. Maybe if these groups stop storming into police precincts in an attempt to take it over, we wouldn’t see much of these closed areas.
    We as a society did this. I don’t blame the police dept for protecting their assets that are paid for the law abiding tax payers.

    I believe it’s still closed off because it’s going to get crazier by November because of people that can’t behave. Time to move out.