Curbside Canvas is catching on in other neighborhoods

I wanted to shout out to some of the local artists chipping in on the Curbside Canvas Project, created by local Bill Tsapalas, especially after seeing local photographer Robert Ripps‘ shots on the project’s Instagram page. Robert’s photos are here, shot on last weekend’s crawl and also while the latest addition — artist Tato — added her abstract, Basquiat-esque characters to Weatherup.

Local resident Ford Crull was the first to participate, painting the Dark Horse on Murray where he is a regular. MissfitNYC, a longtime Tribecan, took on Reade Street Pub, and textile artist and Tribecan Mary Jaeger wove fabric and ribbons into the trellis at Marc Forgione. Local teen Avani Khorana was an assistant to artist Shahnaz Rahman at Benares. And most recently, Yasmine Porath (check out the sneakers she makes!) painted the canvas walls at 1803.

The next art crawl is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 24, at 4p, starting at One Art Space on Warren. Register here to participate since space is limited to 50 for covid rules.

The movement has also spread to other neighborhoods, and fast. Alex McAloon is taking on a Fidi version; a Park Slope edition has seen its first mural go up already at Miriam, the sister restaurant to 1803. One of the artists who participated here — Lianna Oestricher — is spearheading a series in Downtown Brooklyn.

Tsapalas is setting them all up under his one umbrella and website, but local captains are matchmaking the artists and the restaurants.