A skunk by any other name…

Found among the roses at Morgan’s, this furry friend, whom police pulled out of the display on Sunday. (With a deft touch, I will add.) M. caught the capture in slo mo, and N. has the photo below of the critter ready for transport. Sadly, The Post reports he/she didn’t make it much further — Pepé was euthanized at a shelter uptown.

Who’s got an animal expert to comment on how — or why — this guy got here?

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  1. I’m guessing Pepe was euthanized because he had rabies and/or some other illness – RIPepe.

    LOL @ NYPD called to get him & they come. Where was NYC Animal Control? Plushest post in NYC.

    ‘Anyone have an idea of how he got down here? My guess is he was someone’s pet or an undetected stowaway who jumped out of a truckbed, van, or hatchback coming to NYC from wherever. The pumpkin deliverer or one of Morgan’s suppliers? Maybe someone who flees to upstate NY, Fairfield CT, or the Berkshires for the weekend.

  2. RIP Pepe….😢