Seen & Heard: “We miss making soup and cookies”

Cafe Clementine, the fan favorite on West Broadway at White, is seeking a new location in Tribeca. I get an email a week asking when they will open, so here’s hoping they find their new home soon. Read the note taped to the window (thanks to F.) — it’s a heartbreaker.

J. sent this pic and a note that police, on Oct. 21, disarmed a man wielding a hammer — as evidenced below — in front of 71 Franklin. “I first saw the notification on Citizen but didn’t believe it until I looked outside the window and saw the police. According to the doorman, the guy had been trying to break inside the building with the hammer. When the rep of the building’s owner came, the guy threatened him with the hammer. This guy has been lurking around the building for weeks now – he was previously arrested last week when my neighbor called the cops on him while he was caught physically breaking locks off to get into the building, but looks like he was back on the street soon after.”

ONDA Beauty recently reopened on West Broadway for shopping in-store and curbside pick-up, as well as appointments for facials and massages. The store, founded by former Tribecan Naomi Watts, also has locations in Sag Harbor, Notting Hill and Sydney. Hours are 11a to 7p, Tuesday through Saturday.

The gallery, founded by New York Times photographers, is reopening for the first time since March on Oct. 30 with portrait shows from Robert Kalman and BT Kim. 15 White Street.



  1. Of course he was back on the street immediately after. It’s called justice reform and it’s all the rage of the progressives. Maybe he has to kill someone before they hold him in jail.

  2. For what it’s worth, he is out and back at 71 Franklin. Up until this point, he had not interacted much with people passing on the sidewalk, but within the past few days have now seen him get verbally aggressive and in the face of two people and heard of at least 2 more.

    • So call First Precinct then. Oh wait, they won’t do anything cuz that’s actually work. God forbid they bring a mental health counselor down to talk with this man to get him off the street. God forbid FP stations a patrol car on Franklin two measly blocks below the stationhouse to keep an eye on him, whoever else, and thst stupid members only store which has drawn two holdups a month apart. Where was your “concern” for those incidents? I know I called for a patrol car to monitor that block.

      Enough with this aggrieved mostly white New York Post letter writer bitching from you, the whiner above you, and others.

      First Precinct is one of the safest precincts if not the safest Precinct in the city. Therefore, you would think NYPD would build on that – they won’t. They choose to loaf around at the stationhouse and the two illegal private cops only parking lots they’ve created. They love their plush safe post.

      Any crime which takes place under their nose is due to THEIR incompetence not deBlasio’s ok?

      They can’t take the credit for low crime or a crime drop but not take the blame for high crime or a crime spike.

      • The NYPD’s hands are pretty much tied. Even though it may seem obvious that a person is mentally unstable, its difficult for the NYPD to officially label someone as an “emotionally disturbed person” and thus take them off the street against their will. Plus there are no vagrancy laws either that NYPD could use. So unless the person is actually committing a crime, the cops can’t touch them. And even if the person does commit a crime unless its serious, under the 2019 NYS bail reform laws, that person gets booked and released. The laws are to blame (as well as a whole host of other complicated socio economic issues), but can’t really blame the cops.

        • The NYPD’s hands are tied by who?

          I did not say remove the man, I said bring a mental health counselor down to talk with him & try to get him off the street especially with the colder weather then winter coming.

          The cops could GASP! station a patrol car on Franklin between Hudson & Church just two blocks below First Precinct. Two cops & a car. What is so difficult about that? Cuz TriBeCa has other pressing problems such as…?

          I guarantee you that block would be menace/danger/crime-free if you put two cops & a cop car there.

          If the crime is not serious the perpetrator should be booked then released. A kid who stole a friggin backpack was sent to Ryker’s Island & killed there.

          I blame the cops for a spike & drop in crime but you keep cherrypicking & making excuses for their incompetence & laziness – I will continue to call them out for both. Want the credit? Then take the blame, too.

  3. Re: Clementine. Should look at Church Street between White and Franklin (East side). Three empty former restaurant/bar spaces.

  4. I hope sweet Cafe Clementine finds new home very soon. Their note in window definitely tugs at the heart.