Polls are open, and waits are nonexistent

Clearly love is in the air, so I am taking that as a sign. Architect Thomas Juul-Hansen, a Dane who moved here at 16 and just became a citizen after 32 years in the States, was voting for the first time — EVER — at the polling site at High School of Leadership & Public Service. The couple below was clearly posing for an engagement shot, but I’d like to imagine that they voted first, then posed, at the polling site in the basement of Tweed.

After K. reported an hour-long wait at the PS 234 polling site at 6:30a, I made a quick lap of the district and found not a line in site at 9a. (That’s Bill Zulis’ cool pano of 234, below, and see if you can spot a DSL president in one shot.) The coast looks clear at 276, 89, 234 and the two above. So despite the rough start, I would conclude that early voting was a hit. Next time: expanded and predictable hours.


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  1. Next time (2024):

    – Ballot, voter registration card & keychain tag, I Voted sticker, ballot envelope & prepaid postage return envelope mailed to EVERY registered New York voter by Saturday August 17th

    – Early voting Sunday September 1st through Sunday November 3rd

    – 24-7 access dropbox in EVERY voting precinct

    – Election Day a paid state holiday with poll hours 12am to 12am (24 hours vs. current 15)

    Before/besides that:

    – Semi-open primary so independents can vote

    – Let 17 year olds who turn 18 on or after Election Day vote in the primary (so they can vote to nominate then elect which is only fair)

    – Automatic pre-voter registration at 16 & voter registration for any adult not registered (no party affiliation – old enough to drive, old enough to pre-register to vote)