Recent openings around the neighborhood

Duane Street anchor Scalini Fedeli reopened on Oct. 16, and has outdoor dining set up across from the park. There are eight new desserts on the menu and this new entre: saffron fennel and honey risotto finished with Montrachet goat cheese. Dinner hours start at 5:30. Reserve via Opentable or call 212-528-0400.

Photos by Liz Clayman

The bar manager from Estela and Cafe Altro Paradiso and the coffee director at Cafe Altro Paradiso have teamed up to open a craft coffee and cocktail bar in Fidi — Split Eights — at 40 Exchange Place (they were scheduled to open March 19, and you know how that went). They do not have outdoor seating, but they have room for 18 between the tables on the main floor and the mezzanine. The coffee is from Parlor and the cocktails are both classic and house creations. They are also offering cocktails to-go, and will be rolling out a selection of bottled cocktails in the coming weeks. Coffee hours are 8a to 3p (9a on weekends) and the cocktails take the second shift from 4:30 to midnight. More when I have a chance to go by.

Racines is sticking with seating for 18 only for the foreseeable future, even if the city opens up to 50 percent, and has created a private dining plan to make it work. It’s not cheap, but it should be incredible — and it’s a way to keep them alive. The restaurant can be reserved for a group of 10 on the weekends for a food & bev minimum of $2500. (You can also share the space with another group for $1750.) If you want to take the whole place on a weekday, there’s an extra $1500 charge to counter the losses attributed to closing the restaurant to the public for the night. It’s complicated! But it’s just another way folks are getting creative so they are here in the spring. NB: the restaurant is open for regular reservations Monday to Friday, 6 to 9 (delivery from 4 to 10) and reservations are on OpenTable.

While they are planning for a permanent space at the Oculus, the Brooklyn-based company Brik + Clik is opening a popup in the main plaza that will sell online products in person. The concept took me a bit to grasp, but I *think* they represent retailers that only sell online and this way you can touch and feel the product. You can even walk away with it, or not. You can buy in the store, or see it there and buy online, or buy online and pick up in the store, or buy in the store and get it delivered. (Phew.) Hence the “brick” and “click.” This store will focus on New York maker brands, so it has more of a local focus.