It shouldn’t be long now.

Thanks to this clever person on Franklin for keeping us entertained these past two weeks.

And K. sends word (and this mouthwatering photo) that everyone who came into Frenchette Bakery today was told, after they ordered, that their haul was on the house. They said it was their way of trying to alleviate all the turmoil of the past few days!” he said. “It was such a wonderful surprise and really did make my day.”



  1. Biden has the lead in PA, GA, AZ & NV & will win the majority of ballots in each of those states.

    Therefore Biden will win 306-232 the same result as 2016 – POETIC JUSTICE.

    How fitting that Trump will lose as many electoral votes as he’s won. It shows he’s a mathematical zero as well as a human one.

  2. And what has de Blasio done to NYC?

    I know this:

    There have been far fewer murders, rapes & robberies & zero major terrorist attacks on NYC under de Blasio than under Giuliani & any two Bloomberg terms (first two, last two, first & third.)

    According to the current NYPD crime stats NYC has had 390 murders this year. Let’s say we have 60 more murders for an even 450 murders in 2020. That’s 450 murders too many but still 179 less murders than 1998 (end of Giuliani’s first term) & a murder shy of 200 less murders than 2001 (end of Giuliani’s second term.)

    2476 rapes in 98 & 1930 rapes in 01 vs. 1755 rapes in 19 & 1204 this year.

    39,003 robberies 98 & 27873 robberies in 01 vs. 13369 in 19 & 10809 in 20.

    Therefore, deBlasio’s NYC is safer than Giuliani’s NYC which had over a million less people & a stronger economy under & because of a Democratic president & administration.

    • yes! it was all deblasio!!! LOL…

      look at all crime everywhere in this country and youll see similar drops. technology has been the key, not that bozo who is unloved by any political party.

      • No it was not all de Blasio & you saying it with three exclamation points with an LOL on the end like a baby doesn’t make it so.

        Statistics don’t lie. Less murder, rape, robbery, assault etc under de Blasio than under Giuliani or Bloomberg, NYC is the safest It’s been since before 1970. Spare me technology cuz if so ok no common widespread internet or cellphones 1990-94 so Dinkins gets a pass.

        The NYPD cannot take credit for low crime or a drop in it & take no blame for high crime & a rise in it. An increase in crime ultimately is at the feet of the NYPD. They’re the ones who patrol the streets not your scapegoat BDB. For example a man was stabbed to death at the JMZ train station at Chambers Street a short walk away from One Police Plaza last month. Had just a beat cop or two been there maybe the murder wouldn’t have happened.

        NYPD doesn’t walk the beat but First Precinct likes to station at least two cops at each of their private parking lots two blocks apart. And not have a patrol car stationed on a block which had two shootings a month apart – and what is the status of those shootings?

        • “Had just a beat cop or two been there maybe the murder wouldn’t have happened.”

          yes we just need a beat cop on every subway platform and every street corner and in every store and probably in every subway car too while were at it, then there will be no crime ever.

          “Spare me technology cuz if so ok no common widespread internet or cellphones 1990-94 so Dinkins gets a pass.”

          if you read that to yourself, does that make any sense?

          you said statistics dont lie, so you should look at the chart on violent crime in america. every graph has a steady decline over the past 20 years, just like nyc. you can give deblasio credit if that makes you feel better, but surveillance absolutely is the reason for these declines in crime.