We’re back, baby.

It was a great day to be a New Yorker. The sun was shining, folks were partying in the streets and, for the first time in a long time, it felt like things were looking up. For sure there was no better place to be then here, in this city, today.

If you didn’t get uptown, here’s a bit of the scene from Washington Square Park. And at our curbside tables downtown, it seemed livelier than usual. That’s Joe himself looking down from the penthouse above Pain Quotidien (thanks to C.); a sign to the current president on Grove Street (from N.); and a Biden party on the sidewalk, Tribeca style: French champagne in Greek coffee cups.

Cheers, America. And here’s to us.



  1. Democrats hate Republicans. With every fiber of their being.

    • Convenient oversimplification and definitively Not the case.

      They/we just hate what this particular man (Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc.) has done to this country, our institutions, basic democracy, sense of unity, sense of decency and a hundred other things.

      • I do want to point out that its not just the man, his enablers which became the entire Republican party is just as bad. Checks and balances went out the window. That’s not how it was supposed to be. So Bobbi you may have a point, although fiber of our being may be over the top, but no one can argue these days that one party believes in democracy and the other just doesn’t. Their actions speak for themselves. The Lincoln Party guys who ran the R’s campaigns for years and know these people personally would agree with me 100%

    • I don’t hate Republicans, I hate that they deny a vote on the Senate floor on anything the House passes. They are do-nothing obstructionists. Their mantra is no, no, no with nothing better of their own.

      You need to get over racist, bigoted, hateful, spiteful, mean, cruel, fearmongering, functionally illiiterate, stupid, corrupt impeached Trump losing 306-232 (what the final tally will be.) You also need to get over your blind dislike or hatred of Democrats.

      Bottom line the Democrats want 2.2T for a pandemic stimulus while the Republicans countered with a lowball 1.8T so the two parties should meet halfway at 2T.

    • That is so not true. I don’t hate an entire group of people because they voted for another party. That is a ridiculous

  2. I agree, the hatred is of this odious man in particular and of his henchmen. I don’t even think he IS a Republican, at least not in any historical sense.

  3. It was a great day to be in NYC. It felt like a normal saturday except everyone was so good to each other and so happy.

    When you lose your job and the whole world cheers? I mean not a surprise

    And It was not about hate, it was about the relief of the moment and hopefully the next 4 years. We have lived under an embarrassment 4 years. He offended everything that was decent. All of my republican friends – if they didnt switch parties, they at least voted Biden.

  4. This exchange of persuasive positions exemplifies why New York is a world city. So why is there no free speech for Republicans in our public schools?

    • Teachers are supposed to teach not campaign for or try to indoctrinate stufents into political parties.

      • I agree. When public school teachers clearly express that Puerto Rico should become a state, they are attempting to guide young students toward a specific political lane. That lane is called Democrat.

  5. I’m missing something here, because I don’t have kids and I haven’t ever heard that the free speech rights of teachers in public schools have been restricted on the basis of their party affiliation.

    But when you say that if a teacher, presumably of civics or social studies, should not be making the argument that PR should have statehood, you’re just embarrassing yourself. The history of U.S. territories achieving statehood is a subject that has been a regular topic of discussion at least since I attended public school long ago. The processes inherent to that, and the laws entailed, make up a huge part of the concrete meaning of what this country is about. Things like that MUST be argued in schools, and the discussion should be vigorous and objective.

    It doesn’t have to be politically charged, which is what you’re implying without evidence. Sorry.

    If a gym teacher is soapboxing, maybe that’s another story. But who is talking about censorship here? It would seem to be you.