Sant Ambroeus at Brookfield opens today

The downtownest outlet of Sant Ambroeus, the Italian import known best for its Upper East Side restaurant that arrived in the States in 1982, will open today at Brookfield on the West Street side with its coffee bar only. The restaurant will open at a later date — TBD. (Thanks to J. for the heads up.)

The first Sant Ambroeus opened more than eight decades ago in Milan, in 1936, where it operates still as a bakery, restaurant and coffee bar in the city center. The American outlets are descendants of the original though no longer connected — all of them run by Chelsea resident Gherardo Guarducci and his Sant Ambroeus Hospitality Group. There are five restaurants (UES, Soho, West Village, Southampton and Palm Beach); three coffee bars (at Sotheby’s, Park and 61st and Third and 66th); plus Casa Lever and six Felice wine bars between East 83rd and Brooklyn.

More TK when they are up and running.


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  1. West Village: excellent
    SoHo: not so much
    both are pricey