Mulberry & Vine will take a big pause

Tribecan Michelle Gauthier has decided to close Mulberry & Vine — along with her other four locations — until the office worker is back creating the lines down Warren Street that they once did.

“We’ve decided to close for the short term so we can be here for the long term,” she told customers in an email. The Tribeca location closed last week due to a gas leak in the building and will remain closed; the other locations will close on Nov. 13 at 3p until some time in 2021.

“We did our best to stay afloat,” she said. “We reduced expenses, expanded our delivery services and radius, and introduced new menu items but it was not enough. Until the office worker returns, it does not make financial sense for us to be open…we need the lunch rush!”

She added that this does not mean she is closing for good — their landlords are doing what they can to provide rent relief. So Michelle, clearly an optimist, is calling this a break. Here’s hoping.