And so it begins…again.

Lines went around the block both yesterday and Saturday morning for covid tests at the CityMD on Chambers.

And with tensions running high, it’s no shocker that there was a bit of a dustup yesterday morning when a woman in a 15-person line at 8:30a had five teenagers join her, their Starbucks cups in hand. When folks queued up behind her expressed their dismay, she yelled, “It’s my birthday.” I guess the only answer to that is, you’re entitled.

For the record, CityMD has a +1 line policy.

Also, as of today, all CityMD locations will be closing 90 minutes earlier than usual due to overwhelming demand and increased wait times. As of closing time, they will not add any new patients to the line, but will attempt to see everyone in line at that point. In some special cases, they may need to cut the line off earlier than closing time. Check hours here.



  1. On a couple occasions I’ve noticed the line at the Fulton St CityMD location is shorter than that at Chambers St..

  2. That birthday woman entitlement scenario is too classic. Hoping the city finds a way to make more testing sites in the days ahead. May we all be safe.

  3. I agree.. I wish there were more site in Tribeca to get tested.The people who work at City MD need a break. They are working non stop.

  4. Any insight into the best times to go to CityMD (either Chambers or Fulton) or is it constantly a very long line?

  5. Kings Pharmacy is doing rapid tests thru MedBar Health, with results in 2-3 business days. You can make an appointment online and there is plenty of availability, even same day. The pharmacist administers the test (short swab).

  6. Thank you to all the frontline workers at CityMD and all other healthcare facilities, who have been working endless overwhelming shifts, in confronting this pandemic.

  7. Why are you defending someone in clear violation of social distancing rules (the birthday lady) by not allowing my post calling her out for that violation?

    The rule for the line is you +1 – this woman was her +5 – but you think she’s entitled to it because it’s her birthday when she’s not.

    She & anyone else who violates the + 1 rule & refuses to adhere to it should be denied a test & asked to leave the line for the day.

    • Oh my god, enough. You clearly don’t get the joke and only want to listen to yourself talk. I was saying that she is entitled, which if you were reading a bit more closely you would have understood the definition in this case as meaning, “believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.”

      • is it me, or have the comments been especially snippy as of late?

      • I don’t like to hear myself talk. You, however, didn’t ok my initial post for what reason? I didn’t mention you in it but did say this woman should’ve been told ditch 4 of her 5 birthday entourage members or she gets no test. So again, I’m wrong to call her out when I’m not? She was a selfish jerk who should’ve been denied a test for not following social distancing rules like everyone else.

  8. So wait in line for many hours or go a bit further east and walk in at NYC Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health, Gouverneur located at 227 Madison Street. I hear they have NO LINES:
    Monday to Friday: 9:00AM to 3:00PM
    Saturday to Sunday: 9:00AM to 2:00PM

  9. I went to Kings this morning, for my scheduled test, and was there for less than 5 minutes. You can schedule it online.

  10. Just FYI re: Kings and cost. Their site suggests checking with your insurance provider in advance and notes that PPOs will most likely cover. I’m on a BCBS PPO plan and called to check, they will not cover it. I plan to check out the site on Madison for a hopefully shorter wait.

  11. Carbon Health at Brookfield Place is also doing tests – need to make an appointment but you are in and out in minutes with no lineup and results in 24 – 48 hours.

  12. I also recommend Gouverneur- both times I went, admittedly a few months ago, the line was fast, I did not need to show insurance, and in mid September, I got result in less than 2 days. And there is a Citibike dock right across the street.

  13. FYI lines Saturday morning were around the block for CityMD Tribeca, they stopped allowing more people in line sometime before noon.
    Lines were 2-3 blocks long for 227 Madison st.

  14. Just in case anyone is thinking about Gouverneur – I walked by this morning at around 9am and the line wrapped the full entire city block. It was so many people I don’t think they can even get through them in a day.

  15. You know what? Spare me the whining & scramble to get a test when most of you are getting it because you want to travel for Thanksgiving when you should stay home (here.)

    Stay TF home!

    • If you actually knew the rules, as your stupid screen name suggests, you’d know that travel is not forbidden. Tests are required for different types of travel. Some people simply want to see a local family member safely. Some people need those tests for work. Mind your own business. You sound like the most miserable, bitter person. Happy Thanksgiving.

      • From someone whose username is one letter.

        I didn’t say travel should be forbidden but since you want to bring in that word yeah, travel should be forbidden because we’re in a raging pandemic. Travel can & has spread this virus without a vaccine or cure yet. Too bad you’re too stupid not to see it.

        Mind my own business? How ’bout you deal with I have a different viewpoint than you? Besides that I live in TriBeCa thus it is most definitely my business esp. when x amount of you will return here with the virus in tow possibly. Different types of travel is nonessential travel in the end. Test to see a local family member safely hmmmm…how ’bout seeing that local family member via video? Work? Fair enough but you’re disingenious when you tell me the vast majority of people lining up for tests are doing so for work & BTW most employers require a test from their tester or a doctor & many provide the test because they want their current & new employees working ASAP. Btw learn to read cuz I said MOST OF YOU are getting the test so you can travel during a raging pandemic when you should stay put so you don’t spread or get the virus or get it then spread it & bring it back here.

        I am far from miserable – nice self-projection. Spare me your empty snarmy Happy Thanksgiving. And spare me your selfish BS. You have no right to spread this vurus, NONE!!!

        • All of this because a lady wanted to have her children tested? Man up. Grow up. Be a gentleman. Be kind to others. Show children how to be nice. I bet your mom would be embarrassed.