Nosy Neighbor: Is this Spectrum sign legal?

J. wrote: “Have you noticed (you can’t miss it) the Spectrum logo signage on Chambers/Church? Must be the largest branding in Tribeca! I’m wondering if it’s to code for illuminated signs? Maybe they get around the rules as it’s technically inside the building?”

And J.’s guess was right! This is in the brand new Chambers Street side of 30 Warren, in a glass box.

This from the DOB: “This illuminated Spectrum sign is located on an interior wall inside of the building. A DOB sign permit is not required for this Spectrum sign since it is not being displayed outdoors. The location does have necessary DOB electrical permits needed for the electrical wiring work inside the building associated with the illuminated sign.”

When I suggested this was a convenient workaround, skirting the regulations, the DOB spokesman noted:

“I wouldn’t necessarily consider the sign being inside the building as a “workaround,” as if a similar outdoor sign would not be allowed. The lot is located in a C6 zoning district, which does allow for larger illuminated outdoor signs, dependent on the length of the street frontage of the lot. This particular lot goes the entire length of the Church Street block, from Warren to Chambers, which would allow for a fairly sizable illuminated sign. (See section of Zoning resolution below.) It looks like they could have put the same sign outside, but maybe chose to keep it inside for design purposes.”

Anyway you slice it, it’s a whopper. Unless, of course, you look good in blue.



  1. Given the increasing # of dark storefronts in our neighborhood, while not my favorite, Ill take it.

  2. Careful, no one messes with The Spec if they want to stay online in this town.

  3. Hardly seems much bigger than Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin Robbins EXTERIOR sign next door. Hardly “a whopper”!

    You are living in NYC.