The 2020 Shop-Local Gift Guide explained

Yes, it is in fact easier to sit on the couch in between episodes of The Queen’s Gambit and shop with little twitches of the index finger. But it is a lot more fun to grab a pal and make the rounds locally, rewarding yourself with a hot toddy at Weatherup or a ring ding at Duane Park Patisserie. Plus it’s 2020: if there was ever a time to shop local, it’s now.

I walked the beat over the past two weeks with a different friend each day — ones who have much a better eye than I — and we discovered something we didn’t expect at each shop: bedding at Roller Rabbit, glassware at 180, CBD gummies at ONDA. We aimed to identify a high and a low item in price, just to give us some structure. This is Tribeca, of course, so sometimes it was a high and higher. But mostly we looked for the original or very special gift.

So give Amazon a rest. There is definitely something for everyone within a few steps of your front door.

A few things to NB:

  • I have grouped each post by theme, but in some cases I had to do two posts to cover the topic, and some stores do not fit easily into any category. So read them all! There are 13 in total.
  • Some of our shops have moved to appointment only, so you have to plan a bit. But I made most appointments on the fly and it worked out fine.
  • I did not include the big chains, but I did add in flagships of national brands and included J. Crew, since its local shop had a recent redo. On a personal note, when I need books I’ve been going to Barnes & Noble, even if they have to order them. And when I need a shower curtain, I go in person to BB&B. I have no idea how these big companies measure profits, but I like to tell myself that shopping local helps our branch.
  • If I missed someone, let me know and I will add it in.
  • Our local shopkeepers are lovely, welcoming people. You will enjoy the interaction.

Finally, please think twice about posting negative comments. Every shop on this list is doing something to contribute to the neighborhood’s street life. And everyone has had a rough year, with a rougher winter ahead. We are lucky to have the lights still on.



  1. If you shop at a local outlet of a national chain, that store gets the sale credit, helping them stay in business.

  2. And if you shop local you get steps! I’m aware of this as I look over my YOY step count 🤭.