Where we are on the virus

As numbers across the city tick up — the average for yesterday was 3.06 — downtown still has some of the lowest rates in the city, but zip code 10007 is keeping pace at 3.07. When I checked these numbers last week, 10007 was below 1 percent, so clearly those lines at CityMD are creating a good enough sample to tell us what is really going on. (For a little perspective, the positive rate in the city was 31 percent in April.)

10007 | 3.07 | Tribeca
10282 | 4.05 | Battery Park City North
10280 | 1.76 | Battery Park City South
10013 | 1.68 | Tribeca, Hudson Square, Soho, Little Italy
10006 | 2.11 | Financial District
10004 | 1.82 | Financial District
10005 | 0.57 | Financial District
10038 | 2.11 | Chinatown, Financial District

Our lower rates can be attributed to the neighborhood being less dense to begin with, as studies have shown. And with a quarter of our neighbors decamped and very few — if any — businesses running at full capacity (and not even close in some cases like Citi and AmEx), our quiet streets clearly add up to a lower infection rate.

But while we still look nothing like Breezy Point, Great Kills or Highbridge, whose numbers top out at 7.2 percent, the trend is increasing everywhere.



  1. The numbers sure have been bouncing around. 10282 had zero cases for over week about a week ago and has definitely ticked up, but overall case numbers still seem very low. Be safe everyone!

  2. Those numbers sure are bouncing and up. I’m having a very hard time experiencing neighbors and people in general behaving as if to forget the spring ever happened here in the city. Be safe, wise, and thoughtful everyone.

  3. Very helpful information – Thank you

  4. Can confirm where you’ve received this info and make sure it is specific and accurate. The latest Covid Nyc government by zip code map as Nov.26th reports zip code 1007 at 1.3% not 3 percent. If you go directly to the www1.nyc.gov you can see the accurate number. It’s dangerous and harmful to local businesses schools and the community at large to report something that is not accurate. Can you please re-publish the accurate numbers. Thank you.

    • In the post I linked to the nyc.gov site and noted that even the week before the rates were below 1 percent. They do change regularly since it is a 7-day average. Your numbers are not correct as of today and frankly I don’t think your number was correct on the 26th either. You can check yourself right now.

  5. I checked and the numbers seem to be off. 10282 is 1.53% and 10007 is 1.2%. I check almost daily and the numbers have not moved much. Maybe we are not looking at the same thing and i do realize they move around some on the 7 day average.