Community Board 1 agendas for December

Sorry — missed a couple here, but will play catchup on the Transportation meeting myself. The physical Manhattan Community Board 1 office is closed until further notice. Please use as the principal means of communication with staff. All meetings are live on WebEx here. Please check agendas weekly. As always, my comments in caps.

12/1 Transportation & Street Activity Permits Committee – 6p
1) Revel Moped Sharing – Discussion & Resolution
2) Access-A-Ride – Update & Possible Resolution
3) Street Use Priorities (Continued from November) – Discussion
4) Int 2159-2020: A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to hazardous obstruction by vehicles and civilian complaints to the department of transportation for hazardous obstruction violations – Discussion & Resolution

12/2 Battery Park City Committee – 6p
1) Demystifying the Allied Universal Ambassadors: Perceptions, Expectations, and Community Input for the Future – Discussion
2) Status of Pier A – Update
3) Placement of Equipment Sheds Along the BPC side of West Street – Discussion & Possible Resolution
4) BPCA Report – Nicholas Sbordone, Vice President of Communications & Public Affairs, Battery Park City Authority
5) BPC Security Update – Patrick Murphy, Director of Security, Allied Universal

12/7 Environmental Protection Committee – 6p
1) 250 Water Street Brownfield Cleanup Program – Update by Lawra Dodge, President, Excel Environmental Resources, Inc.
2) Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency (ZCFR), Citywide Zoning Text Amendment (ULURP application 210095 ZRY) – Discussion*

12/8 Youth & Education Committee – 6p
1) Expansion of New York Harbor School’s facilities and programming – Update and Resolution with Nan Richardson, Co-President, New York Harbor School PTA (SCA and DOE invited) THIS IS ON GOVERNOR’S ISLAND — TOTALLY JEALOUS OF THOSE KIDS

12/9 Licensing & Permits Committee – 6p
Additional information about specific State Liquor Authority license applications is available by request to the Community Board 1 Office

1) 94 Greenwich Street, application for liquor license for 94 Greenwich St LLC d/b/a Siena Pizza & Cannoli – Resolution
2) 111-112-114 Andes Road, Governors Island, application for liquor license for QC Terme NY LLC d/b/a TBD – Resolution BOB’S EAGLE EYE CORRECTLY ID’ED THIS AS THE SAME QC TERME IN ROME — STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO
3) 185 Greenwich Street, LL2465, application for liquor license for Tower 4 Liberty Market LLC d/b/a Gansevoort Liberty Market – Resolution

The following notices have been received for renewal, upgrade, corporate change, minor alteration or transfer of wine and beer or liquor licenses, renewal of sidewalk café permits and recurring street closure permits:
● 30 Water Street, application for renewal of liquor license for DRT Group LLC d/b/a Dead Rabbit Tavern
● 1 World Trade Center, 101st and 102nd Floor, application for renewal of liquor license for Legends OWO, LLC d/b/a One World Observatory
● Gouverneur Lane South Street Pier 11, application for renewal of liquor license for Seastreak

Agenda to be determined

Agenda TBD

1) 111 Worth Street, application for liquor license for Elim Eatery Corp d/b/a TBD – Resolution AT THE CORNER OF LAFAYETTE…
2) 355 Greenwich Street, application for liquor license for Chanson 355 Greenwich LLC d/b/a TBD – Resolution THIS IS THE BAKERY COMING TO THE FORMER MAISON KAYSER SPACE. THEY TOLD ME THEY ARE AIMING TO OPEN Q1 OF 2021

The following notices have been received for renewal, upgrade, corporate change, minor alteration or transfer of wine and beer or liquor licenses, renewal of sidewalk café permits and recurring street closure permits:
● 134 Reade Street, application for renewal of liquor license for Forge Restaurant LLC d/b/a Marc Forgione
● 323 Church Street, application for renewal of liquor license for West Side Cafe Corp d/b/a TBD

12/10 Landmarks & Preservation Committee – 6P
1) 250 Water Street, application to construct (a) a new building on the 250 Water Street parking lot and (b) a new building at 173-69 John Street for the South Street Seaport Museum and alterations to the existing Museum Buildings on Block 74 – Resolution THIS IS THE CONTINUED DISCUSSION OF THE HOWARD HUGHES TOWERS SCHEDULED FOR THE SEAPORT HISTORIC DISTRICT

12/14 Land Use, Zoning & Economic Development Committee – 6P
1) Governors Island Rezoning, zoning map and zoning text amendments (ULURP applications 210126 ZRM and 210127 ZMM) – Resolution

12/15 Waterfront, Parks & Cultural Committee – 6p
1) Battery Conservancy: Playscape, Dog Rules, Plantings, Budget and Future Goals for The Battery – Presentation by Warrie Price, President and Founder, The Battery Conservancy A NEW PLAYGROUND IS COMING! MORE ON THAT SOON,
2) Proposal for nearly 2-acre park in the Holland Tunnel Rotary – Presentation by Dasha Khapalova and Peter Ballman, Ballman Khapalova Architecture I WILL GET TO THIS SHORTLY…
3) Hudson River Park Advisory Council – Update by Andrew Zelter, Community Board 1 Member

12/16 Executive Committee – 6p
1) Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency (ZCFR), Citywide Zoning Text Amendment (ULURP application 210095 ZRY) – Resolution
2) Committee reports

12/17 Quality of Life & Service Delivery Committee – 6p
1) Open Discussion on Affordable Housing in Lower Manhattan with Victor Bach, Senior Housing Policy Analyst, Community Service Society and Sam Stein, Housing Policy Analyst, Community Service Society, Community Service Society – Discussion
2) Resolution Writing Clinic – Presentation by CB 1 Members and Staff

12/22 CB 1 Monthly Meeting – 6p

All documents relating to the above agenda items are on file at the Community Board 1 office and are available for viewing by the public upon written request to



  1. Considering the world as it is now, the 250 Water Stree project is ridiculous. In the 50 years I’ve lived in the area, the seaport has been revised numerous times, unfortunately without much success. We survived the movement created by 9/11. Businesses and residents fleeing the area. Offices turned into residential spaces. Schools finally popping up, both public and private telling us there were many children residing in the area. The additional traffic on Pearl Street, entering and exiting the Brooklyn Bridge would be unbearable. The fabulous public school on Peck Slip, where children need to play in the street would suffer. HHC already has failed with their last remake of the seaport. Businesses already leaving. Nothing contributed to the neighborhood at all, besides ridiculously expensive shops and restaurants that locals don’t use. In my lifetime, I would appreciate seeing CB1 and the Landmarks Comission say NO and do something for the good of the neighborhood

    • Totally agree, Karen. I too am a long time resident in the area and have witnessed the comings and going’s of these ‘movements’ throughout the years. None successful, all wrong headed. Instead of preserving the sense of history and architecture they tried to Disneyfy the seaport, turning it into a theme park filled with chain stores, tourist restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors and souvenir shops! And most recently FIDI happy hour central!
      I miss the days of accompanying my son’s second grade class to the Fulton Fish Market and visiting The Peking, the kids had so much fun with the jolly fish mongers and running around inside the boat!
      Now the tourists have stopped coming, shops and restaurants are sitting empty, will the seaport survive another round of reinvention? The soulless branding for water front development so loved by clueless developers from around the world? When in doubt build a tower! Then another…

  2. Ruth and Karen,

    I could not agree more. The Seaport Historic District is a remarkable and unique slice of the City’s past that should be respected and protected. Unfortunately, our politicians – specifically Manhattan Borough President, Gale Brewer and City Council Member Margaret Chin are engaging in the politics of REBNY inspired “catch-phrases” – parroting Affordable Housing -MIH talking points (Which incidentally, housing advocates repeatedly slam as germane to the ongoing homelessness crisis) and encouraging developers to bribe their way through the process. Howard Hughes Corp, all too familiar with the perennial financial struggles of the South Street Seaport Museum, is offering their Board $50 million dollars in exchange for support of the outlandishly enormous development which will ultimately destroy the entire historic district zoning protections. MBP Brewer, despite being handed alternative actions to financially support the museum through a long approved and codified mechanism to transfer air rights outside historic districts to create revenue – is taking the REBNY path with HHC – turning over city planning obligations to developers. This axis of evil – between the City, Electeds and Developers must be short circuited now before all of NY is reduced to a soulless city devoid of any character or trace of it’s past.

    While both Chin and Brewer are term-limited and likely feeling untouchable – there are ways to apply pressure through community action.

    Margaret Chin, is throwing all her support behind her current Deputy Chief of Staff, Gigi Li to take her Council seat next year. Constituency pressure, letter writing, calls to the office will go a long way to show what is at stake. As for Brewer – I have to assume she thinks aligning with the project will somehow gain her favor as she runs YET AGAIN – for her old City Council Seat on the Upper West Side. Where that district’s constituency might be interested in how she isn’t fighting for open skies and respectful zoning as nearby Central Park (which lies entirely under its purview) has its own development issues to contend with. Pass it on.