A barrel of seltzer? Pickles in a can?

My kids are Sticky’s fanatics — they would eat it every night if they could — and when I placed this week’s order, on the menu was the oddest thing: pickle seltzer.

Before this, I would have told you I would take seltzer in any form. But this pushed the limits. I choked it down but I would still tell you it’s worth trying, especially if you love pickles, or maybe just love the idea of pickles, since that’s kind of what the seltzer brings to the table. A hint of pickle? A dash of pickle? Reminiscent of pickles? (Photo taken to show you it is not green, as I expected.)

It certainly doesn’t hit you all at once — it’s sort of an after thought. But not an after taste — that’s different. And the seltzer itself is quite nice, gently effervescent. Reminds me of the bottled seltzer that was still getting delivered by the seltzer man in Riverdale when I worked up there.

Now on to the what and why. My kids had to alert me to the fact that the pickle illustration is a reference to Rick and Morty, which they described as an adult cartoon. The folks at Sticky’s told me the seltzer was inspired by the episode in which the Smith family has a therapy appointment, but Rick will do anything to avoid the session — even turning himself into a pickle. Sounds sophisticated.

Then the why — why Sticky’s? Why now? Sticky’s is the exclusive partner with Miracle Seltzer for this “limited release,” and they created a sandwich to go with it. And it turns out they are just fans. “We love Rick and Morty, so to pay homage to their hilariousness and give people a fun combo tied to their brilliance was a no brainer.”

I guess this is just marketing, the techniques of which are often a mystery to me. Though clearly it works.



  1. Do stores still sell turkey soda? LOL

    When will someone sell straight up pickle juice?

  2. I’d ordered a case right from Miracle when I first heard about it because I’m a fan of R&M. I like it quite a lot. What I didn’t know about was Sticky’s. Looks dangerous.

  3. Pickle brine is great, especially after an endurance workout. I’ll need to try this.