‘Wichcraft has closed both its local outlets

‘Wichcraft, Tom Colicchio’s fast casual with restaurants here on both Greenwich and Broadway, has closed both locations. The Broadway and Worth spot had an auction going on two days ago when I walked by, and the number is suspended; the one on Greenwich and Beach has a for-rent sign (thanks to P. for that pic).

I was hoping for official word from the company but no reply so far. The website still lists the Broadway location; the other two locations left are the Garment District and the Flatiron.

Colicchio and chef Sisha Ortuzar opened the first ’Wichcraft in 2003 on 19th Street with a eye to elevated sandwiches with artisanal bread, sustainably sourced ingredients and house-made condiments. The Broadway outlet opened in July 2016; I am not sure of the Greenwich location but it’s at least 10 years old by my calculation — maybe older?

Of course this is no shock, what with the courts and the commercial buildings still empty. But it is a real loss especially for East Tribeca. Citi HQ alone kept most of those Greenwich Street places alive and as a result Dig Inn and Wisefish Poke are closed; Dr. Smood’s at Hubert never got to open.

Sweetgreen has both Chambers and Greenwich open, but for delivery and pickup only.



  1. Will Dr. Smood’s ever open? I saw some activity on and off for the past few months but the space inside still looks pretty raw. And do you know if Dig Inn and Wisefish are both permanently closed? Or just temporary until people come back?

  2. Wisefish is permanently closed.

  3. Bummer. That seasonal BLT was awesome. Will there be any eateries left?

  4. Um who cares about fast casual leaving the neighborhood? Supporting fast casual chains stopped being a priority as soon as we realized what a tough time this would be for small local eateries.