It’s Time.

The Bogardus clock was installed yesterday and Tory Weil sent over these great in-process photos. And N. caught a shot from above of the tables and chairs being delivered. I’m not saying another thing about timing. What’s to say?

Here’s some details from my last post on the clock:

In addition to being an architect, James Bogardus was an inventor and cooked up a type of clock called a three wheeled chronometer. Our clock is intended as a nod to that talent as well as to the clock that was on the façade of 16 Hudson. This particular clock, which is cast iron, was originally installed in front of Morgan’s Jeweler in Lansing, Mich. in 1910. It was refurbished by the Friends of Bogardus at a cost of $40k and will have to be wound weekly by the city’s clock master.



  1. How wonderful! I look forward to a time when I can sit at a table with a cup of coffee and read more TC!

  2. Beautiful restoration of the clock. The clock in front of the Roxy Hotel has always been a favorite local icon, and I’m glad we have this historic one as well. Well done.

  3. Great news…..The Bogardus plaza opened today! Finally (after all these years – I stopped counting) and it looks great.

  4. DEFINITELY WORTH WAITING FOR. Finding a seat on a nice day will be a trick!!! I hope everyone will look after it and treat it with respect.

  5. Plaza and clock are both a great gift to neighborhood!