The Hideaway has closed till spring

While it is not a shock, it is still a big bummer. The Hideaway has closed for the season, with hopes to be back in spring. Sunday was their last night, “given the shutdown and the other obvious challenges,” said general manager Gael Dunbrack.

The bar has managed to limp though the season despite the fact that it’s sidewalk seating is minimal and its curbside option is blocked by a Citi Bike station. Neighbors tried to petition the city to move the station around the corner so the bar could have that outdoor dining option, but the DOT refused. (Tokyo Bay, which is next door and had that same issue closed in August.)

It’s going to be a tough winter.


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  1. I love the Hideaway. I just could not believe the DOT refused. That was horrible. I am praying for all our restaurants and bars to be back. More people laid off of work, businesses closing. Just uncalled for.