Boy mugged on Lafayette and White

I buried this last month, and wanted to be sure I included. On Nov. 13 at 11:30a, police reported that a 14-year-old boy was hit in the eye, pushed to the ground and his backpack was taken as he walked past the New York Rescue Mission, one of the oldest shelters in the country, at Lafayette and White. The surveillance video below shows it all, and it is very upsetting.

Police arrested one of the men, Charles Destefano, 35, shortly afterwards in front of 94 Lafayette; he was charged with robbery. The suspect lives at the shelter, which is at 90 Lafayette.



  1. lowlifes!! And the Mayor continues to put homeless that are mentally ill in our hotel without community board meetings!! We continue to fight the Radisson move!!! Our community safety is more important than addicted mentally ill homeless men!!

  2. Charles Destefano was charged with robbery. Is he out on bail?
    Thank you for sharing with us this article. We have to be very careful to keep ourselves safe.