Pain Quotidien on West Broadway is closed temporarily

The Pain Quotidien, which reopened in August, has closed as of Dec. 16. K. wrote last week to say the manager told her that was their last day; I was hoping to hear from the regional manager or corporate to get more details, but no reply after several emails and texts. From the LPQ district manager: “Sorry for delay on communicating this to you. The LPQ Tribeca location is closed temporarily. We hope to reopen the store as soon as the state mandate allows us with indoor dining, hopefully happening soon. Our location at 375 South End Ave remains open.”

And more from the SVP of operations: “We are working hard to reopen the store as soon as the New York state mandate permits us to operate more effectively with indoor dining. At this time we can assure our community we are doing everything possible to get this location and its team back in motion. We are proud to be woven into the Tribeca neighborhood and look forward to welcoming everyone back soon. Until then, our location at 375 South End Ave. remains open for delivery, take out and counter service.”

The Tribeca PQ reopened in August after several rumors (some from good sources!) circulated that the space was for rent. But they never fully developed their outdoor space, and of course indoor is no longer an option. And while I know many of us used that location as a meeting spot, it definitely leaned on the City Hall set for business.

Someone can report back on the South End Avenue and Broad Street locations; the website shows all three, including Tribeca, still open.

Back in May, the reopening of the restaurant did not seem likely. The US branch of Le Pain Quotidien had filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and had agreed to sell its US operation to Aurify, the brand that operates Five Guys Pizza along with a bunch of other chains, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. There were 98 locations in the country — more than 30 in the city — and Aurify predicted it would reopen 35 of them.

The PQ in Battery Park City at Gateway — 395 South End Ave. — defaulted on its rent, according to a note posted on the door back then, with a total of $86,700 accrued between April 1 and May 15. But negotiations there must have been successful one way or another.



  1. They have notices posted in the window saying the closure is temporary and directing customers to BPC and Soho locations.

  2. Does anyone knows the name and details of the friendly black man who greeted and seated customers with a warm welcome and a big smile; he has been working there for years. It must be difficult to lose one’s job right before Christmas and I would love to send him a well-deserved tip…thx