Seen & Heard: Sexual healing in BPC

This caught N.’s eye: A new business in Battery Park City — Vibrance BPC — offers all sorts of body sculpting services — facial treatments like botox and microneedling as well as Emsculpt, the electromagnetic treatment that people use as a non-surgical liposuction. But they also offer o-shots — or orgasm shots — a treatment that injects the clitoris, labia and G-spot with PRP, the platelet rich plasma extracted from your own blood. By most accounts the treatment is unproven (I did some research!) but still promises to improve the frequency and quality of female orgasm. Doesn’t sound like the same R&D went into this as it did for Viagra, just saying.

The Four Seasons has just opened Club27 — a members only “wellness” club for frequent travelers and in my mind I don’t see why it’s not for locals too. It includes a 75-foot heated lap pool, fitness center, eucalyptus steam room, infrared sauna and a sun deck. You also get a daily wellness elixir. The cost is $9500 a year.

Battery Park City Authority got a engineering excellence award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of New York, and I mention this mostly because I love any chance to run these pictures of the jetty when it was first built. The authority just renovated the jetty, which was created by designer Mary Miss. After 30 years, the timber structure was ready for a deck replacement and structural rehabilitation. The firm they hired designed a splice repair a multilayer layer wrap system to protect the piles from further deterioration.


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  1. I can’t even with the sexual healing injections. I used to get PRP injections over a decade ago for severe musculoskeletal injuries and residual trauma post op surgeries. It causes inflammation to enhance healing and can cause a very painful inflammatory healing process. Think being hit by a baseball bat. The thought of having prp injected into my clitoris is just insane.