The best (and maybe only) way to celebrate the holidays: Take a stroll.

A pal and I were scheduled for a couple live music shows this holiday, and lamenting the loss of those and holiday parties in general, we decided to take stroll around the neighborhood — and beyond — and play Where’s Waldo with the holiday décor. It turned out to be the boost we both needed, especially since it ended with a beer outside. Here’s our route, but you all know your way around.

Starting at Citi HQ:
> south on Greenwich to the World Trade Center
> through the pools and past 4 WTC
> up the west stairs to Liberty Park
> down the east stairs across Liberty Street

We lingered a bit in Zuccotti Park, since there’s quite a light show on 127 Broadway.

The next stop was the Stock Exchange:
> past Trinity Church
> east on Wall
> nod to the NYSE and Fearless Girl (who was wearing a mask when we went by)
> east to Water, with a left to get to the Seaport

There’s lots of lights at the Seaport, starting with the tree and ending with a quick tour of Pier 17 (everything there requires reservations these days, FYI).

We then hoofed it straight back (well, sort of straight — City Hall Park was closed again) with a stop at The Rink at Brookfield to watch the skaters a bit, and a cruise through the Winter Garden to see the trees and warm up. Take a lap! So far I have been able to make a few reservations even last minute. (Pro tip: make sure you click on “book weekend + holiday skating.”)



  1. Thank you for sharing all these twinkling lights.

  2. The light shows are at the Trinity Centre, aka 111 and 115 Broadway. Thames Street divides them.

  3. Thanks for these wonderful photos!

  4. The ‘Take a Stroll’ photos and accompanying story is a thing of beauty. A real prize…totally uplifting and so well done. A thrill joining the tour and just thinking about the beer at the end!
    Will be reading this again! THANK YOU!!!!!!