Seen & Heard: Look out below

M. sent this photo asking, “Anyone missing a trampoline?” And I have to agree — the only way it seems this could have ended up on Broadway (between Leonard and Franklin) in one piece is to land there from above…

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Developers HAP Investments broke ground on a new luxury condo project at 65 Franklin — the southeast corner with Broadway — last month. The building will be 19 stories and will have 41 condos in 110,000 square feet, along with retail stretching along Broadway. (The developers PR team told me this rendering is out of date, but they don’t have a new one.) The project is scheduled to be completed in 2022.



  1. The trampoline may be from the gymnastic school on that block which shuttered a while back. Business owner probably left in the commercial space and maybe someone then took it to the street. Just a guess.

  2. The trampoline is from the rooftop of 354 Broadway. We have seen children (and sometimes an adult!) jumping on the trampoline on their rooftop. Should have been better secured! Glad it didn’t cause any damage on the way down / landing.

  3. Thanks, Pam! An update: There were two men disassembling the trampoline to remove it from the sidewalk the other day and they told me the trampoline had been blown off a rooftop terrace of one of the buildings on the block during the Christmas Eve/early Christmas morning storm.