Community Board 1 agendas for January

Missed the first two again! I just can’t seem to get up to speed early in the month. Including the agendas here just in case you want to go back and revisit. As always, my comments in caps.

Meetings continue to be remote; you can watch them here on Webex.

1/5 Transportation & Street Activity Permits Committee – 6p
1) Scooter Share in CD 1 – Discussion & Resolution
2) Revocable Consent Application to Enable Resiliency in Battery Park City- Discussion & Resolution*
3) Placard Abuse on 212 Warren Street – Discussion & Possible Resolution
4) Residential Loading Zone Pilot Expansion – Discussion & Resolution
5) Street Use Priorities – Discussion & Possible Resolution
6) State Legislation to Allow NYC to Operate Speed Cameras 24/7 – Discussion

1/6 Battery Park City Committee – 6p
1) Oval Park / Pumphouse Park Signage – Discussion & Resolution
2) Ground Rents & Condominium affordability in BPC – Discussion & Resolution*
3) South Battery Park City Resiliency-related Control Houses in the Public Rights-of-Way – Discussion & Resolution*

1/7 Environmental Protection Committee – 6p
1) 250 Water Street Brownfield Cleanup Program – Update by Lawra Dodge, President, Excel Environmental Resources, Inc.
2) 250 Water Street, Draft Scope of Work for an Environmental Impact Statement (CEQR No. 21DCP084M) – Discussion with Howard Hughes Corporation*
3) Governors Island Draft Environmental Impact Statement – Discussion with the Trust for Governors Island

For access to Environmental Review documents, please visit the CEQR website and search by CEQR number:
250 Water St: CEQR # 21DCP084M
Governors Island: CEQR # 11DME007M

1/11 Land Use, Zoning & Economic Development Committee – 6p
1) Borough Based Jails/Manhattan Detention Complex – Report (Office of the Mayor, Community Affairs Unit invited) I’D LIKE TO HEAR THE LATEST ON THIS — WILL REPORT BACK

1/12 Youth & Education Committee – 6P
1) NYC Department of Education update on public schools’ admissions and screening criteria – Discussion THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST ISSUES TO FACE PARENTS WITH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN…
2) New York Public Library Battery Park City Branch Reopening – Update AND HOW ABOUT MURRAY STREET???

1/13 Licensing & Permits Committee – 6p
Additional information about specific State Liquor Authority license applications is available by request to the Community Board 1 Office

Seaport/Civic Center area
1) Agenda to be determined

Battery Park City area
1) Agenda to be determined

Tribeca area
1) 111 Worth Street, application for liquor license for Elim Eatery Corp. d/b/a TBD – Resolution THIS IS THE APARTMENT BUILDING AT LAFAYETTE — WILL HAVE TO LISTEN IN TO SEE WHAT THIS IS
2) 316 Greenwich Street, application for liquor license for Cocoon Club 1 LLC d/b/a Cocoon – Resolution COCOON, THE MEMBERS-ONLY CLUB FOR FAMILIES IN THE BEST MARKET SPACE, SAID THEY DROPPED THIS, BUT I GUESS NOT…

Financial District area
1) 111-112-114 Andes Road, Governors Island, application for liquor license for QC Terme NY LLC d/b/a TBD – Resolution THIS IS THE EUROPEAN SPA TAKING OVER THREE OF THE HISTORIC BUILDINGS JUST SOUTH (WEST?) OF THE FERRY LANDING

The following notices have been received for renewal, upgrade, corporate change, minor alteration or transfer of wine and beer or liquor licenses, renewal of sidewalk café permits and recurring street closure permits:
● 9-11 Maiden Lane, application for renewal of liquor license for Maideneire LLC d/b/a Malt House Financial District
● 20 Maiden Lane, application for renewal of liquor license for HCIN Maiden Hotel Associates LLC, HCIN Maiden Hotel Lessee LLC, Hersha Hospitality Management LP and Butler House 1 LLC d/ b/a Holiday Inn Wall Street and Elio’s Fine Foods

1/14 Landmarks & Preservation Committee – 6p
1) 17 Battery Place, application for renovation of existing entry and storefront including replacement of entrance infill and new louvers – Resolution

1/18 Office closed – Martin Luther King Jr. birthday

1/19 Waterfront, Parks & Cultural Committee – 6p
1) Agenda to be determined

1/20 Executive Committee – 6p
1) Composting Discussion with Earth Matter
2) Full Board Efficiency Improvements – Update
3) Budget Cuts for Community Boards FY2022 – Discussion and Resolution
4) 2021 Municipal Elections – Discussion & Possible Resolution
5) Committee reports

1/21 Quality of Life & Service Delivery Committee – 6p
1) DDC Oversight – Updates

1/26 CB 1 Monthly Meeting – 6p




    “[…] Sarah McNally, the owner of McNally Jackson bookstore with an outpost in the Seaport, has been baffled by how long a parking lot has managed to last in a land-scarce city like New York.

    “She recalled a recent landmarks community board committee meeting where members were ‘gleefully’ touting how many projects had failed.

    ” ‘ I’m like, ‘This is crazy.’ You’re defending a parking lot. You’re proud of this,’ McNally said. […]”

  2. the murray st library is such a joke. who is actually in charge?

  3. It’s time for the borough jail project to die at last. The pandemic should be the last nail in that coffin. The city is broke, and this was always a misguided project, rammed through without proper input of affected community, and would cost billions, and with no real guarantee of jail reform. Instead, reform the system at Rikers.

  4. Community board committee meetings are all recorded here:

    There have been over 15 hours of meetings regarding the Governors Island rezoning, which will permit 38 story tall buildings on the southern portion of the Island, and will go before the City sometime in February – it hasn’t been scheduled yet.

  5. First Dept. Allows NYC Government to Move Forward on New Manhattan Jail to Replace Rikers | New York Law Journal

    “A New York state appeals court ruled Tuesday that New York City can move ahead with plans to build a new jail to replace Rikers Island in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood, rejecting a challenge from residents who said the process ran afoul of local zoning laws.”

    • This is unbelievable. So many questions and concerns. Where in the negative government budget are the funds supposed to come from for this project?

      Is there hope for further appeal or other rejection of the plan?

      What about community effects? When consciousness is finally being raised about anti-Asian discrimination, what of the issue of putting this monstrous facility right in the middle of a dense Asian community?

      The plan should still be challenged in other ways:
      – Does it really resolve the problems with prison/jail criminal justice system? Or is it just going to move the problems around without any real reform?
      – Could reforms be done at far less cost, and without disruption to a neighborhood and community, by rebuilding at Rikers?
      – The main reason I have heard for the Chinatown location is proximity to courts. Now that we know we see just how much work can be done remotely via technology, why should that proximity be so important?
      – Again, how are we going to pay for this?