New Doctors in the House: Step Up Footcare, Foot Doctor of New York and Empower Your Smile

I haven’t covered the opening of doctor’s offices in the past, but in my mind they are one more element — like kids classes and restaurants — that add to the quality of life in the neighborhood. Here are three that just arrived within the past months; I think we have a few more coming online soon and I will add them as “New Doctors in the House.”

Dr. Nelya Lobkova opened her practice at 291 Broadway last August (that’s when I took this picture) after several years at a private practice and a residency at Mt. Sinai and Downtown Hospital. As a teenager from South Brooklyn, she was a competitive cross country skier, but had chronic foot injuries that interrupted her career. A sports medicine doctor she saw then inspired her to enter the field, and her patients now are primarily active and athletic. She has a surgical specialty and operates at Gramercy Surgery Center and Beth Israel, and is also certified in kinesiology taping, which uses elastic tape to reduce pain and swelling.

“The patients I see here really appreciate it,” she said. “I am very analytical and I like to be cutting edge — and that’s all happening here.”

In the same office at 291 Broadway is Dr. Raphael Liker, a foot and ankle surgeon who is the preferred doctor for Sloan Kettering and the New York State Troopers — he is also a volunteer EMT and a firefighter. He specializes in minimally incision surgery for bunion, hammertoes, neuromas, heel surgery for plantar fasciitis, and tendon or ligament injuries.

Patricia Moezinia has opened what she calls her dream office in the basement of 35A Walker Street. French by birth but with a medical degree from Columbia, she has been practicing for 20 years. She has designed the practice so adult patients and their children can book appointments at the same time. Her team includes dentist Dorsa Nia, pedodontist Nora Nakshabendi, and periodontist Vandeep Bagga.

“We like to do smile makeovers,” she said. “I love this work and I think of my patients as family.”