Seen & Heard: Hunkering down for winter

I think we knew this was coming: a few of our local spots have decided to close for the next couple months, what with the weather getting colder and with no end in sight for indoor dining to resume. I am trying to pretend that it is a temporary setback. It’s not easy to keep up the façade.

On the bright side, Zutto has added a small number of booths on the curb. Call to reserve. 212-233-3287

L’Angolo, whose festive outdoor set up (they always do a beautiful job decorating at the holidays and Valentine’s Day) has decided to stay closed till March, if there is no news for re-opening indoor dining. This will really be a blow to the streetscape. “With the temperatures dropping and no news from the government on re-opening indoor dining we have made the tough decision to temporarily close our doors! Thank you for your ongoing support during these times, and we look forward to opening our doors again!”

Walker’s has also decided to close for the immediate future. From Michael Dempsey: “We have closed Walker’s temporarily. We will reopen when the City and State allow indoor dining again.”

Marc Forgione is also closed for the winter, but they still did a fun repainting of its curbside structure, by the artist Rachael Wren though the Curbside Canvas Project, and it will be featured on New York Live TV today. They also raised $20k over the holidays to support their employees.



  1. I’ve noticed these little house booths at Zutto on Hudson past few weeks. I truly hope they have a good source of ventilation action going on.

    • None of their huts, or any other I’ve seen, have meaningful ventilation. With the new UK mutation which increases transmission by 56%, I wouldn’t, uh, be caught… dead… in one of those. It horrifies me that ventilation rules for outdoor stuctures are not being enforced.

    • If it has four sides and a door it is not safe. Would never eat in one of these enclosed spaces…

  2. I think Wolfgang’s might also closed for the time being. Signs on the door say their outdoor enclosure was in violation and their license was suspended accordingly. Any word on them?

    At this point, it might be easier to keep a running list of the restaurants that are still open…

    • There’s been a house ad on the site with open restaurants for a couple months, and it is more recent than the one I put up this spring. I update it as I hear from the restaurants directly, or as I walk by. Find it here.

  3. I walked past Wolfgangs about half an hour ago and their outdoor structure is not open. I saw delivery people coming in and out though – so they’re still open for that it looks like.

    Does anyone know what’s going on with Yves? I don’t remember when the last time I saw them open was.

    • I haven’t seen Yves open for a couple of weeks … the lights are on, but no one seems to be home.

      However, I walked past Bubby’s earlier today and there were happy brunchers in the sidewalk sheds. Their heat lamps were on, as well. Good news! BTW, if you havent’t tried Bubby’s pastries and bagels in the morning, you’re missing something special. And the doughnuts — wow!