CB1 Licensing Committee approves beer and wine license for Cocoon

CB1’s Licensing Committee approved a beer and wine license for Cocoon, the members-only family space on Greenwich, but not without a lot of comments on the morality and safety of serving liquor while children are toddling around nearby.

The application permits Cocoon to serve from 9a to 7p on weekdays and 9a to 10p on weekends, and the idea, the founders said, was to allow parents to have a drink in the kitchen area and socialize with fellow members while kids are in classes or at events. They will also eventually serve outside on the sidewalk, which is part of their leasehold. The area designated is 1800 square feet with four tables and 24 seats.

Committee members questioned what would happen to kids if their parents were too drunk to get the little ones home. (Personally having a beer while my toddler is at a puppet show seems like a good arrangement to me, but I do see the point.) But staffers — one of whom was a bartender “in the day” — said they would be well able to recognize when someone was overserved and speak to them to ameliorate the situation, or even call their partner to come help. (Awkward!)

Members of the public questioned the optics of a bar at a play space, and the modeling of drinking in front of children. But while the founders describe Cocoon as a family education hub, I see it more along the lines of urban country club, similar to The Wonder on Hudson. And certainly there’s no country club without booze.

Still, “we are not a bar, we are not a whiskey tavern,” said founder Karl Chong. “We want to be able to serve in a very controlled fashion at events.”

UPDATE: Chong sent an email to say that they will not start serving until it is safe to do so. “We are not planning to serve any kind of beer and wine inside this winter,” he wrote.

One interesting point raised: could Cocoon be one of the only places serving inside, while bars and restaurants are closed to indoor dining? Might be worth the $600 monthly membership.

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  1. “could Cocoon be one of the only places serving inside, while bars and restaurants are closed to indoor dining?”

    Because covid doesn’t transmit in play spaces? That makes no sense.

    • 100% agree. Makes no sense at all.

      • Cocoon has not been serving any food or beverage indoors since the renewal of the indoor dining ban. I imagine this will be used once indoor dining is permitted again.

        It saddens me to see all the negative comments about a family owned business in our neighborhood that is providing a deeply needed and safe service to our community. When parents have a space to take children outside of their small apartments, it increases the probability that they stay here in tribeca and support our other small businesses. Let’s do what we can to encourage small businesses here – not chase them away.

        • I agree. Welcome to the neighborhood Cocoon. Settle down people; I am feeling confident the owners will follow all the city rules.

  2. How is having indoor gatherings of parents in the kitchen area safe right now during covid ?

  3. * Meant to add in with the drinking of alcohol.

  4. Just checked the calendar. Nope, not April 1st. Ridiculous.

  5. I see a lot of drunk nannies in the future…

  6. Good to see the update!