Wolfgang’s closed for violating mask orders and curbside dining protocol

The Department of Health suspended Wolfgang’s liquor license on Dec. 22 after inspectors noted that their staff was not wearing masks and their outdoor dining structure failed to meet DOH guidelines.

The notice was posted on their front door; there’s no specific date on when the order would be lifted. It did note that the immediate danger to public health outweighed the “continued enjoyment of the license privilege.” Harsh.

The steakhouse — founded by the head waiter from Peter Luger — is the first in the neighborhood that I know of to be shut down for violating the mayor’s executive orders that permit curbside dining, though I have heard rumors about fines for restaurants that have had music on the street.

The DOT, which permits the outdoor structures, told me they do not not issue fines for the Open Restaurant program. But their regulations do say this about “performances”:
Can I use the seating area for performances or other types of activity?
No. The program is for outdoor dining only at this time.



  1. I saw one of the managers on the street and he said they are open for pickup and delivery.

    Incidentally, Sweetgreen, their next door neighbor, has limited their hours to 11-3, Monday-Friday.

    I would hate it any of our local spots was unable to reopen when this crisis has ended.

  2. I have no sympathy for them. For staff not to be wearing a mask at a time like this, and for a restaurant to disobey other COVID guidelines, is intolerable. I don’t understand why more places that clearly violate the law with their closed cabins are not being shut down too. I only patronize places that obey the rules. My life and my health depend upon it.

  3. Ridiculous, our businesses need us more now than ever! I live right next to Wolfgangs and have consistently seen them wearing masks and sanitizing the whole area each day. The mayors just picking on small business. Closures of our favorite businesses are just encouraging us to go across the river to jersey city or Hoboken to eat a warm meal inside (of which are only a 15 minute Uber ride away from tribeca).