Finding a vaccine in the neighborhood

While I don’t claim to have the final word on where or how to get the coronavirus vaccine, as with covid testing, I will get the ball rolling here and hope that neighbors can add any tips or experiences that might help those in cohorts 1a or 1b.

The city is offering vaccines as are private health care institutions and pharmacies, so the process to even get an appointment ranges wildly. The city’s registration process starts here at its vaccine site; the form to determine if you are eligible can also be found here. This is the most succinct list of who can now get the vaccine in New York State:

  • People ages 65 and older
  • Teachers and education workers
  • First responders
  • Public safety workers
  • Public transit workers

The city has set up a Vaccine Finder online, which covers ALL sites, and the local ones are below along with phone numbers for appointments (for RiteAid and RendrCare, you have to make an appointment online). A quick check of a couple of them, however, shows it will take some work to find an appointment. An analogy I heard recently is it’s like booking an airline ticket in the days before Expedia: you have to call each airline to see what they have, fully aware that prices and availability could change before you make the next call. Already, for example, 125 Worth St. says the website is closed.

HOWEVER, in my coop, folks who are over 65 have had a good success getting vaccinated. The news from the Javitz Center is that it is very organized, even while they are vaccinating 800 people an hour. One neighbor got hers last Thursday, and said the whole process took no more than an hour and a half.

Another neighbor was able to walk in at 125 Worth St. on Saturday. She went at 7 a.m., which meant there were just a few walk-ins ahead of her, and was out of the building by 9. In both cases, they left the appointment with a date to come back for the booster.

You can also call 877-829-4692 to make an appointment at a city vaccination site, seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Keep in mind that the governor recently announced that it would take three months to vaccinate everyone in groups 1a and 1b, so anyone able to get in this month is ahead of the game.

NYC Health Dept. – Downtown Clinic
125 Worth Street
(877) 829-4692
Appointment required

Apicha Primary Care Clinic
400 Broadway
(646) 975-6760
Appointment required

139 Centre St, #709
(646) 601-6229
Appointment required

Charles B Wang Community Health Center
268 Canal Street
(212) 966-0461
Appointment required

Charles B Wang Community Health Center
125 Walker Street, 2nd Floor, Manhattan, 10013
(212) 966-0461
Appointment required

RendrCare: Chinatown 
86 Bowery, 4 Floor
(646) 601-6229
Appointment required
Call for appointment

Gotham Health
227 Madison Street
Appointment required

NYC Vaccine Hub – Marta Valle Secondary School
145 Stanton Street
(877) 829-4692
Appointment required

Rite Aid Store #1225
534 Hudson Street
Appointment required

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  1. I got mine this morning at Worth Street (Monday) and it was easy as pie. Lots of forms (I wonder how some folks will navigate the system) but plenty of help and all very pleasant. They also give you an appointment for you follow up, so no more on line searching. I do wonder how we will get 5 million done though.

  2. Having gotten word of the walk-in for seniors I went to 125 Worth Street at 5:45 AM, Saturday morning. I was one of about 6 walk-ins at that time. Several friends went at 10:30, 11:30 or midnight and invested 2-3 hours for the process.
    I was eventually seated with a healthcare worker who guided me in filling in my form and directed to the 2nd floor for the vaccine jab #1, given a date in Feb. when I would next hear when to come for jab #2.
    I was out on the street at 6:45 AM. I highly recommend the very early morning hours if the offer is still standing. All the healthcare workers were professional and kind.
    Just walk up and find out; the neighborhood is highly surveilled so the dark early hours aren’t anything to fear.
    Whose sleeping through the night anyway?

    • Have people who left Worth St. without appointments heard back / gotten emails re: second appointments? I know some people who haven’t.

      If you go to Stanton St, you will spend a couple of hours waiting OUTDOORS for both the first, and then second. Shot. Challenging if the weather’s bad.

      When I tried the small sites, I found that none had appointments, so I wasted a lot of time on questionnaires before I got to the scheduling screen that said nothing was available. In fact, the Rite Aid site told me there were no appointments within 50 miles of New York City. I don’t know if that’s changed. That’s the reason that I targeted a large site, far from here, and was successful.

  3. 125 Worth Street is no longer taking walk-ins. My husband I were there tonight (Monday, the18th) at about 8:30. We were told that the walk-ins on Saturday caused too much chaos so they were only accepting people with appointments from yesterday on. The website still says there are no appointments available,

  4. Any chance you make the links load in a new tab?

  5. from the VacinneFinder site today:

    “The website is closed. We have no appointments available at this time. This message will be removed if we have appointments available in the future.”

  6. I spoke to a nurse at Dr. office today and she told me she went to get scheduled vaccine last week and when she showed up her appointment was canceled. Looking forward for all this to change.

  7. I am scheduled to have my second Moderna vaccine on February 13. I had my first on 01/16/21. How do I get an appointment..

    • Everyone I know was given a follow-up appointment date and time when they left their first appointment.

      • I received my first vaccine on 1/5 and I am due for my second vaccine on 2/5 and still haven’t heard back from anyone regarding an appointment. I am going there first thing in the morning on 2/5, not sure what else to do.

        • I had my first shot at Stanton St. Marta Valle on 1/18. No one suggested I make a Second Shot appointment on the spot. I made the 2nd appointment on 1/19 and was only able to get it for 2/27 which is too late. I was wondering if you found anything else out about scheduling your second shot?

          • Do not give up your appointment just because it does not fall within the prescribed period. “The second dose should be administered as close to the recommended interval as possible,” the CDC said in an update to its website Thursday. “However, if it is not feasible to adhere to the recommended interval, the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines may be scheduled for administration up to 6 weeks (42 days) after the first dose.”

        • I just figured out that Worth Street has second appointments automatically scheduled at the same time four weeks later. You will receive an email to confirm one week into advance. (It took me 30 minutes for diving through multiple FAQs to get this information.)

  8. I am 81 years old. My husband is 83.
    We live in FIDI.
    We have not been able to get a COVID appointment.
    The web sites are very difficult to navigate.
    The telephone is useless.
    Where are the helpers from local government?
    I doubt they know we exist.

  9. I had my first shot at Stanton St. Marta Valle on 1/18. No one suggested I make a Second Shot appointment on the spot. I made the 2nd appointment on 1/19 and was only able to get it for 2/27 which is too late. I was wondering if you found anything else out about scheduling your second shot?

  10. Contact your state senator? What a laugh!. Please – go ahead and try so that you can add to your list someone to vote out of office for someone else that is better and responsive.
    My alternative suggestion is to ask a few of your nephews or grandchildren work on arranging an appointment for you. They could certainly navigate websites and call around for you. It would be easy for them. I’m sure they would be happy to do if you made them aware you need HELP. Sometimes older people forget to ask for help and younger people to automatically offer it. If you have a younger relative in the city, a helpful one may even wait for you in a line for you or something like that to make it more convenient for you. If you feel that you can’t ask a relative, ask your church.


  12. Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately I do not have any
    young relatives to help me.
    Any volunteers?
    Thank you.