Upscale farm-to-table Mexican may come to IPN storefront

An upscale farm-to-table Mexican restaurant is scheduled for 378 Greenwich — the IPN storefront just south of N. Moore — but to date there’s no action there, most likely for the obvious reasons.

The applicant — Josh Lebowitz, who ran a couple Brother Jimmy’s BBQ locations until 2018 — came before the community board in April, and I for one was a little distracted back then and missed the meeting and even the announcement. But M. sent a photo of the notice on the doorway recently and the CB1 office caught us up.

The plan is for a 3500-square-foot restaurant with a capacity of 120, 20 tables and 80 seats, and a 500 square foot bar area with 12 seats, and a 20-foot-long rectangular stand-up bar to the left of the entrance. CB1 approved the hours as Sunday through Thursday from 11a to midnight and Friday and Saturday 11a to 1a.

The space has a setback on the N. Moore side that the applicant will use for outdoor dining with room for 22 seats with a “Tribeca-style” awning covering it. (Not sure what that is…) The community board asked the applicant to come back after a year of operation to apply for a sidewalk cafe on the Greenwich Street side. (Of course all this went down before the Open Restaurant rules kicked in.)

There’s also a 450-square-foot area within the space that will be used as an ice cream shop run by a different company.



  1. Im trying to remember what was there before Peace and Love.
    Im sure someone can easily remind me.
    Remarkable its been empty past 8 years.

  2. Before Peace and Love it was a place called Sima, briefly.

  3. Wasn’t it a pizza place?

    • yes a great pizza place for take out… Not sure why these people are putting in a mexican place when there is one right across the streat…makes absolutely no sense whatsover in my opinion…but what makes sense anymore and how people spend there money and there investors money but i would bet again that it will not survive. you can call me negative but i am all about the truth and the facts…mexican is not a good move across from a mexican place no matter how good it is.

      • The new Mexican place will either crush the existing Mexican restaurant’s (Zona) business or both restaurants’ business will be diluted. But, if the new place is going to be a high end restaurant, it probably will have a different clientele than Zona and won’t take a lot of business from them. For example, I would not be surprised if Tamarind and Benares have different types of diners.

  4. Boycott this restaurant they disrespect the residents by having their garbage picked up between 1:00 and 5:00 am.
    The noise is loud and disturbing
    Spoke with Josh the manager and got no cooperation