In the News: Restaurants are at their wits end

The Post editorial board (I know, but this time they are saying what everyone else is thinking) quotes the operations director at Tribeca’s Kitchen in an editorial noting that the governor is holding New York City restaurants hostage, when those in the rest of the state carries on at 50 percent capacity. “You can’t make money at 25 percent capacity, and it’s a joke if anyone thinks they can,” Rick Camac, Tribeca’s Kitchen’s operations director, told The Post.

Crain’s reports that 80 percent of the city’s workforce is already back in some capacity, and that the mayor’s announcement that all will return in may will impact about 74,000 more employees. The mayor indicated the return would be mandatory on the Brian Lehrer Show, saying that “anyone else doing remote work, they’ll be coming back beginning in May, because it’s time.”

A condo at 70 Vestry topped the Manhattan contracts, last week, asking $28.5M — $4M more than 2016 listing price, and realtors see this as a good sign that at least the ultra luxury is off to a good start for 2021. –The Real Deal

The Trib has a high-res image of a map of Lower Manhattan circa 1770 drawn by an army engineer who was called the “Da Vinci of New York cartography.” The 11-square-foot map is also for sale for $300,000.



  1. I say if we’re going to take the safety risk to even try it again, then we have to start as safely as possible and build from there.

  2. The CDC considers indoor dining a high risk activity. I personally have no desire to eat inside until I am vaccinated, which doesn’t seem like it will be anytime soon.

  3. You go into a restaurant with a friend. You sit about 2 feet from the friend(s), or closer. You take off your mask to eat. Do you know where your friend has been and with whom? You use the restroom. You take transportation to get there. I am a foodie and used to eat out every week, several times a week, with friends.
    I miss that terribly. But I am not taking the risk. And now, weddings at 150 capacity? No, not with the variants. And the slow roll-out of vaccines. I am a great cook and ordering from Fresh Direct and Max’s 1 hr. and tipping well. I am also supporting the local eateries, even though I can cook. We get lunches from Zutto, Ben Venuto, Greca, Nish Nush, Bubby’s, 19 Cleveland (sister of Nish Nush), and occasionally Gigino and Max’s Italian, oh and King Wok. For holidays, Burdicks by mail order. We’re doing what we can but will not go back to indoor dining until the curve is flattened. Come spring will enjoy dining outside on the park benches in front of Citicorps on Greenwich —
    COVID is in the air and I don’t want it.
    Getting first shot at Javits (Jabbits) mid-March if supplies hold.
    Fingers crossed I don’t pick up COVID going to and fro.

    My best to all of you