Local Business Update: Fernandez Shoe Repair

Tribecan Giovanna Rosselli — an industrial engineer by training — has for a long time indulged a passion for photography by shooting her family, her travels and, as a volunteer, local school events like Taste of Tribeca. During the quarantine, she started documenting the reopening of the city and the neighborhood, and spent several sessions at Fernandez Shoe Repair on West Broadway capturing this photo essay. They found a common bond. “He is from Ecuador and I am Colombian so we are double neighbors,” she said.

Segundo Fernandez is the third owner of the shoe repair shop that has been in that spot between Warren and Murray since 1949. The first owner — whom Fernandez called a “real Italian shoemaker” — sold to Fernandez’s friend and mentor, Ignacio Jara, in 1979; when Jara retired, he called Fernandez to see if he wanted to buy the shop. That was 15 years ago, and until this spring, Fernandez, who is 50,  lives in the Bronx and has four children ages 13 to 26, did very well in that spot, he said. He had five people working with him — until March when business dropped to 10 percent of usual.

He’s now doing a little better — up around 30 to 35 percent. But like the rest of us, he’s just waiting for life to get back to normal.

Rosselli shot these in December with her iPhone.



  1. He is the best shoe repair out there and a great person as well

  2. Fernandez has been fixing my shoes for 15 years, and always does a great job!

  3. Used his services for many, many years. He does an excellent job on everything from boots, shoes, and sandals.

  4. Brava Giovanna! Fantastic photo essay! I now know where to get my shoes resoled.

  5. Felicitaciones Giovanna, gran trabajo, buenísimas fotos!!!

  6. have been using him for years; excellent work!

  7. have been bringing our shoes to Fernandez forever. always pleasant, always does a great job, always on time. He does a great job.

  8. Fantastic photos and story Giovanna!!

  9. A master of his trade! Has looked after TriBeCa’s finest shoes, belts and bags for many years. Felicidades Giovanna por las excelentes fotografías!!

  10. Inspired photos of a neighborhood icon!

  11. Beautiful! Segundo is the best! A class act. Has made miracles happen with my goods. He is one of the many local businesses I pray will make it through this with our support.

  12. Excellent shoemaker. Always resole my shoes and replace heels here. Even red soles for Louboutin shoes make them look brand new.

  13. Thrilled to see my photo essay published along side the wonderful article about Mr.Fernandez. He is indeed a great part of the fabric of the Tribeca community that we all support.
    I very much appreciate all of the lovely comments! Gracias!

  14. A much-deserved spotlight on Fernandez. He is so professional and kind, and I am always pleased with his work. Congrats!

  15. Very excited to see this photo essay of a neighborhood business! I would love to see more from this excellent photographer! (And also am heading to Fernando’s ASAP for some much needed shoe repair.)