14-year-old displays paintings of Black icons at 200 Hudson

The windows of 200 Hudson at Canal are displaying the work of 14-year-old Californian Tyler Gordon, whose paintings of Black icons have gotten him noticed around the country. One of LeBron James has already been on the cover of TIME, and his video of his painting of Kamala Harris got him a call from the vice president herself.

“I am partially deaf, have a stutter, and a vitamin D deficiency BUT I am also a 14 yo artist that seeks to inspire through the stories of heroes in my work!” Tyler writes as his bio on Twitter. “When I was born the doctors told my mom that if I did survive I would have lots of health problems and be blind, deaf and severely mentally delayed… Boy were they wrong!!! Today, my artwork is on the cover of TIME magazine!!!!! I have defied the odds, I wouldn’t let the word “can’t” be a part my vocabulary. I’m proud of who I am and what I’ve been through because without all of the bad that happened to me, there wouldn’t be this good happening to me right now.”



  1. Unbelievable! Doing a portrait of the Vice President was a challenge…but to have it photographed while working is
    extraordinary…the results, astounding! Amazing talent!

  2. Sensational!