Staples on Broadway will close permanently

The Staples on Broadway and Vesey will close permanently in April, according to the signs on the window (thanks to the tip from N.). I tried to get in touch with corporate and no reply.

So in what I see as a pandemic opportunity, I hope Kings will step up its stationery game. They have already bailed me out many a time with oaktag for the emergency grade school history project. Of course it’s more likely just another score for Amazon and another reason to have more trucks on our streets delivering a $3.99 box of thumbtacks.

This isn’t the first time Staples has retrenched. In 2014, they closed 140 stores nationwide. Back then they had 1,846 locations in the U.S. and Canada. By 2017, they were down again to about 1500 stores total. As of the beginning of this month, Staples had 1400 stores in North America.

But the reasons for closing our outlet might not be all that obvious. Staples is still — unlike many big brands that shuttered hundreds of stores in the pandemic, such as Pier 1 and GameStop and Bed, Bath & Beyond — operating more than 1000 stores nationwide. And they put in a bid for Office Depot in January, with this note in the public letter: “Staples has sufficient resources to finance the transaction, so our obligation to proceed with the transaction is not subject to a financing contingency.” The offer was to acquire 100 percent of the stock of the company for $40 per share, which it says was 61 percent over the average closing price from the previous three months.



  1. Part of the space will be taken by a new CVS, which is also taking the space next door (the gym). This week they have been removing all the gym equipment.

    Mora information on this can be found on the Fidi Fan page on facebook.

    Its a nice addition to the neighborhood.

  2. It also appears that the CVS on Fulton will also be closing as their 20 year lease is just about to expire, so it makes sense the they are moving to this new nearby location on Broadway and not cannibalizing a nearby outlet.

  3. As far as Staples goes on Vesey please don’t bring ink cartridges to recycle as they are no longer accepting them at that location.
    I will miss this store and the employees. Always helpful

  4. Satan: I didn’t mean to shut down Reeves Teletape Studios back in 1993, that was 28 years ago!