Lyons Den has closed its (original) Tribeca location

Lyons Den Power Yoga, which opened on Church and White, has closed its doors in Tribeca. They held on as long as they could, but with no word on studio reopenings from the governor (and this *is* a state mandate) they could no longer maintain the space and expect the business to survive.

Bethany Lyons founded the studio here in 2013 after a decade of teaching yoga in the city and as one of SoulCycle’s first instructors. From that one room and one employee on Church and White, she expanded to another floor here and a studio in Chelsea and a payroll of 50, with plans to expand to a third studio this year. That was all derailed with the pandemic and she is now focusing on the Chelsea location and her online business, Lyons Den Digital.

They gave up the space officially on Jan. 16, and on Sunday, Jan. 31, she held a free class — a “sunday service” — to honor the Tribeca studio.

“We are not giving up the ship (Lyons Den Power Yoga is still standing!) — but we are also not going to go down with the ship,” Lyons wrote on Instagram. “In an effort to persevere and survive, I’ve had to make too many tough calls to count. No matter how awesome our landlord is being, we cannot light money we don’t have on fire with TWO different locations that have been NOT ALLOWED to open for over 300 days – with absolutely no communication or end in sight.”

She’s hoping that by letting the studio go, she can better retrench and preserve the business, which is now operating online. And she said she may indeed move back to Tribeca down the road.

“We honor Den TriBeCa today and what was a truly transformational space,” she wrote before the free class on Jan. 31. “We look forward to the re-opening of New York City and creating magic in rooms – old and new – with you – in the future.”


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