Illegal party busted at 1 Harrison Saturday night

The sheriff’s office busted a party at 1 Harrison — awaiting details on which apartment so I can look up the owner — early in the morning on Sunday at 2a.

The officers found more than 200 people packed into a rental apartment, and as you can see there was not a lot of social distancing as a result.

Three men — David Howard of Manhattan; Artani Arben of East Elmhurst, Queens; and Shkelzen Dreshaj of Yorktown Heights in Westchester County — were cited for failure to protect health and safety and violating city and state lockdown orders. Howard, identified as the organizer of the party, was also citied for unlicensed sale of alcohol and the unauthorized warehousing of alcohol.



  1. Disturbing to say the least.

  2. Just so horrible and stupid. Maybe if our restaurants were open a little later this would not take place at all in the city. All the restaurants and bars in the city are following covid guidelines and are being inspected numerous times a week. The governor who is in hot water right now needs give our businesses 50 percent capacity and a later curfew in NYC. If we had a later curfew this nonsense senseless stupidity would not take place. I am not saying this horrible thing is an excuse.

    • I’m fine with parties like this as long as everyone in attendance is forced to quarantine together, at the party spot, for two weeks afterward. Pay to play, right?

    • Restaurants following guidelines? Where? Not a single shed has required ventilation (the ability to eat completely outdoors has vanished rapidly, so it’s hard to go out to eat;, kitchen staff don’t wear masks and other staff take theirs off when there are no customers. They’ve never heard of aerosols or don’t care.

      • Sorry you are a small business hater.. Never seen anyone in an establishment not wearing a mask or enforcing it. I also know of many workers getting the vaccine. Every single place I or someone that I know has been to in this city has strict rules. The ” ventilation system ” are windows open, special air purifiers also which I have seen. These restaurants do not want to lose their business or liquor license. Inspections are 3 times a week sometimes more. So you are wrong. Stay home if you don’t feel safe. Our businesses suffered enough here.

    • It’s a stretch to say that a later restaurant curfew would prevent these parties. These people don’t want to sit at a table and have drinks over a meal with friends. They want to get wasted, dance, and socialize with strangers. What’s going on with restaurant restrictions is a totally separate issue than these promoters who hold secret parties and fly off to Tulum for vacation during this pandemic.

  3. There’s only one apartment, the one above Puffy’s. I live right near it and that apartment isn’t that large (although it’s a duplex with the outdoor roof deck). How did they fit 200+ people in there?!? That place has been a rental through the pandemic (maybe through airbnb? They seems to be short-term renters.) and the renters have been terrible neighbors. They threw parties until very early in the morning, lit their outdoor grill on fire, and even threw fireworks from their rooftop down to the street last week.

  4. Pre pandemic days my daughter used to attend these parties. Organizers find large, unfurnished lofts on AirBNB and host parties for a nominal entrance fee. She said they are fun! Though I bet for the neighborhood not so much! I personally don’t like the only close up photo the NYPD posted was of a man of color. The other photos are blurry. Perception is everything. Insensitive and misleading.

  5. Wondering if this was an AirBnb? If I lived in that building – wouldnt be happy. What is that phrase? ‘youth is wasted on the young’

    To the comment on restaurants staying open later, it probably wouldnt affect something like this happening but I do agree that at this point let those places stay open till at least midnight.

  6. This sounds identical as what has been happening at 46 Lispenard 1E and Penthouse since last spring. Multiple times a week, starting around 11 ‘til 4-7 A.M. Young renters, party lights, grill…311 calls went unanswered or you get an automated answer within seconds stating the police had come and gone, saw nothing, case closed. Cold weather put a stop to it surely it will resume soon. Roof tops and terraces are noise super spreaders. This is definitely one of the pandemic casualties, short term rentals and lowered rent might be factors.

    • I’ve gotten those impossibly fast 311 replies also. The reply says the police came and went and witnessed nothing, but way too soon for that to be possible. Makes a joke of the 311 system.

  7. This is the apartment above Puffys. Throughout the summer and winter there have been large parties here. It’s not exactly a secret, one needs only to walk by on a Thurs-Saturday night or look down on the balcony from one of the surrounding buildings. There aren’t many nearby neighbors and not many folks walk the local streets after midnight these days which has allowed the dusk-dawn parties to go on undisturbed for close to a year.

    I believe a promotion company (bunch of nightlife friends) has worked out a deal with the owner of the building / owner of Puffys to rent out the space for their weekly all night parties. This isn’t a bunch of teens secretly renting out an unsuspecting Air BNB and having a party. This is an established business.

    • Puffy’s is not involved. It is not an Airbnb or random. Howard is the straw tenant. He walked into the building, and accepted a delivery. Just hours before they were busted the second time.

      It sure looks like someone is trying pretty hard to run interference for the owner of the building’s promoters, running the illegal loft party at 1 Harrison. Hoping the parents do not to hold the owners severely liable who have done this many, many, times before.

  8. Another party, more arrests, and a drunken 17 year old fell down the stairs. It is time to hear from the owner of Puffy’s! I do appreciate how challenging these times have been for small businesses, but operating an illegal business and alienating your neighbors doesn’t fly. If the police ever police to stop these parties, and he loses his loyal customer base as a result of these activities, I would say he had it coming.

  9. It’s great to read the comments of privileged old geezers on here get upset about a party.

  10. I believe 1 Harrison and 81 Hudson are two buildings combined. This is typical of Century Realty’s buildings. Many of them authentic Loft buildings. Many are on a corner. Many of them are landmarks. In many cases, running the records under two addresses where many of the records have been falsified.