Regal will wait to open till they can seat 50 percent

After Cuomo announced in late February that movie theaters could open at 25 percent — with a cap at 50 — I wanted to see what the plan was for Regal Cinemas in Battery Park City. And in a move that makes sense to me (ie too little, too late) they are going to wait it out.

“Big movies are made for the big screen and we look forward to the capacity restrictions expanding to 50% or more so that we can operate profitably,” the company said in a statement. “Once Los Angeles follows suit, we are confident in the studios holding their release dates for new movies, allowing us to reopen our theatres.”

My recollection is that they had 11 screens in there? (The internet seems to be scrubbed of details.) And I can’t guess at the seating per theater, but it was definitely limited by the addition of stadium seating. (In fact after the last time I went, which was well before any notion of the coronavirus, I vowed never to sit in one of the pairs of seats with a stranger. I spent the whole time essentially lying down next to a guy who blew his nose and snarfled the whole time.)

On a more pleasant note, The Roxy Cinema is opening in April — and at 118 seats of full capacity, they can make it work. It’s also available to rent!



  1. And the iPic on Fulton Street is opening on March 31st!

  2. Luis, have you heard anything about Jim Brady’s reopening? I’m hoping they will at some time.