Duane Park Patisserie gets savory

N. wrote to say she’s been sampling lunch at Duane Park Patisserie, and while I knew the savory menu had expanded, I didn’t realize how much. You have to act fast — twice I went by around 1 or 2 and things were cleaned out. I brought home the focaccia for dinner — the dipping sauce is incredible — and the mini quiches for breakfast the next day.





  1. I must try!!! Looks so good!

  2. I must say these look quite delicious. It’s about time they tried something a bit different. The neighborhood needs constant improvement and this bakery has rested on its laurels for too long. I will go ahead and purchase the quiche, the savory croissant, and the roasted eggplants BLTs… i am sure they’ll be world class. We need more great prepared food options now, and a great quiche is like liquid gold…

  3. Just had the veggie croissant sandwich yesterday for lunch and it was delish!!! They also had a short rib rolilto special a few months back that was so good…salivating just thinking about it.

  4. thanks Pam, for the shout -out!
    and we are working on expanding our savoury menu.
    we’ve started making soup- try to have 2 choices each day that includes one vegetarian/vegan.
    we have just gotten a griddle(not hooked up yet) so that we can start to make some sandwiches a la cart.
    we’re also going to make dog biscuits.
    stay tuned!

  5. Madeline we appreciate your serving our community for so many years. We are grateful that you are still here and cant wait to try your new savory items. Remembering your Christmas bushe de Noel is my favorite and has become a favorite for our entire family but i must admit to me it is unstoppable. Here is to another 40 years. Thank you. Ox Dan Alterman Reade Street

    • thank you Dan- for your kind words and support all these years.
      my neighbors/ customers are at the core of my mission.

  6. I basically had these for lunch all last summer and fall…now I’m in LA but can’t wait to get back in April!