The Drawings of Kristin Reiber Harris of Washington Market Park

The Friends of Washington Market Park commissioned a delightful coloring book to benefit and celebrate the park’s features and creatures. It has 31 pages of original sketches by Kristin Reiber Harris, a teaching-artist in Brooklyn who has spent 40 years drawing plants as well as nature in urban settings. (She also animates educational media for children that explore the intersection of science and art.) On each page, there’s a description of the plants as well as info on park history and events.

The Friends will be selling them outside the park come warmer weather as a fundraiser. Or you can order them here on Amazon to benefit the artist. When events resume, the park will also host the artist to talk about her work with kids.



  1. These detailed sketches look beautiful and fun. What a terrific coloring book for all it offers.

  2. And, thank for you providing a link to artist personal page. Wow! Gorgeous talent.