New testing storefront opens on Church

S. spied the new storefront of 2021: a covid testing center. Let’s hope it’s a pop-up. Not that I don’t welcome the business to the neighborhood, but if this is the new retail for the foreseeable future, ugh.

Maverick Health is in the old Vietspot space at 200 Church, just south of Thomas. They offer a rapid antibody test, a rapid covid saliva test, a rapid PCR test and — the pièce de résistance — a rapid saliva test that you can take home and mail in when you need it.

Hours are 10 to 6. Book an appointment here.




  1. Those prices are super high if they don’t accept insurance. Better served as a pop up vaccination site in my opinion.

    • Keep in mind that CityMD will charge you if you do not qualify in the eyes of the city and state. For example, if you are going on a trip and want to get tested in advance, you will be charged. The tests there cost about the same as this — $150. Here are the recommended rules: “Health care workers, other essential workers and workers who have in-person contact with people as part of their jobs should get tested once a month.
      If you work outside the home, or if you live or work in a congregate setting, you should get tested regularly.
      You should get tested before visiting someone who may be at increased risk of severe COVID-19.”

      • Another caution about CityMD is that they make a doctor or PA come see you so they can charge your insurance more. This person literally opens the door, asks if you have questions and leaves. It’s ridiculous. They have been billing my insurance $300 per visit. Thankfully it’s covered, but I’m sure some folks are stuck with the bill. I’m going to start using Clarity instead.

  2. there are no lines anymore at the city md, etc. I am not saying the pandemic is over but less people are getting tested

    • The lines were long before Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s because people wanted to travel and see family – even though the tests are not appropriate for such purposes. That’s what fueled the last big spike. Now that those folks are not traveling, testing has decreased.

    • The $119 PCR test I mentioned is not an in office rapid antigen test. It’s a saliva PCR test they send to a lab in NJ.

    • Regarding CityMD lines: I arrived Monday morning 3/15 at 8am and was tested and out by 8:30. There were about a dozen people in the line total but everyone was being seen right then instead of taking names and asking them to return.

  3. Way to much money, when you can now go to City MD that does not have long waits anymore. Perhaps if they did off hours? Or offer to the employees

  4. There are no more lines at City MD during the day but is that because people get there first thing and put their names on a list and then get called in later?

    As for cost, there is no comparison to not having to pay anything out of pocket. But my understanding is that most insurances do reimburse for the cost of testing (mine does up to $169), and I do think in this neighborhood a lot of the population is insured. I also know several people whose employers pay for their weekly tests so maybe this meets that market.

    To me the winner is the 24 hour or less turnaround on the $119 PCR test. A friend had an afternoon appointment and had her results back by 7am the next morning. Most other PCR tests in the neighborhood (other than City MD and the in-office rapids that cost $295+) get results in 2-5 days.