In the News: Glut of office space in Fidi (no shocker)

Crain’s reports that JP Morgan Chase is looking to leave the neighborhood. “S&P Global and Fitch Ratings Inc. are also marketing big blocks of offices, driving an 80% surge in the amount of sublease space available. That’s more than double the rate in Midtown, according to data from CoStar Group Inc.”

The Post reports that “Project Runway” and “Top Chef” producer Zoe Jackson, daughter of Samuel Jackson, has bought a $6.4 million four-bedroom condo at 108 Leonard, the Clocktower Building. Zoe and her father are working on a docuseries, “Life on the Edge,” that explores gang culture in marginalized communities.

Eater has a nice profile on Tribeca’s Kitchen and Andreas Koutsoudakis Jr.’s reinvention of the diner, which just reopened last month. More TK with a renovated interior, curbside space and menu.

I have to get into this mayor’s race soon, but in the meantime, I can’t think of a worse idea for Governors Island than Andrew Yang’s proposal to put a casino there. Sheesh. Maybe he was just brainstorming — no bad ideas! — but still. “That casino would generate so much money it would be bananas,” he said during a recent radio appearance on The Breakfast Club, as reported in Politico. “If the city could get that in place and harness some of that — that would be one of the engines of recovery.”



  1. Yang’s proposal for Gov’s Island is prohibitively awful. That’s a beautiful, historic, green, relaxing area—a rarity in this city. A casino would ruin it. He won’t get my vote because of it. Allow casinos in Times Square along with all the other nonsense up there and keep Gov’s Island for the people who live here.

    • Agreed; this is a disqualifying position for him to take. Given the recovery we’ll need to go through, I would also much prefer someone who has a proper working knowledge of the levers of power in the City government, working relationships with other leaders, and the ability to advance City interests with the State. I believe the latter of those will be easier if/when Cuomo is out of office, but regardless of it that comes to pass, Yang is not the right person for the job.

      I don’t think we should have any casinos in Manhattan or the boroughs beyond what already exist. There are more responsible ways to generate revenue, and the revenue projections don’t really seem to be based in reality either way.

      • Long time city worker here, honestly I don’t think Yang has enough experience with city operations. In some ways I think he is clueless and navie. He is proposing to have free subway rides for Memorial day weekend to draw tourists. MTA can’t afford it IMHO.
        Nothing is free, taxpayers money. I read somewhere that Yang is actually leading the polls? DC 37 union is endorsing mayoral candidate, Eric Adams, and OSA union is endorsing, Scott Stringer, who used to be Manhattan borough president and now is city Comptroller. Will be interesting to see who will be next mayor esp w a $9 Billion plus deficit and city worker contracts that are set to expire in May.

        • I believe the MTA response to that free ride proposal was: great, now go pay for it.

          Re: budget deficits, I haven’t read all the specifics yet, and maybe they are not yet available, but I imagine that will shrink considerably with money from the ARP which should become law tomorrow. Still, of course, we are in a precarious position and much work needs to be done in our recovery, $9B hole or not.

        • Subway is already free, turnstile jumpers are hands off, ever wonder how MTA with Millions of riders a day (except in pandemic) is constantly in the red? Corruption? great pensions?

      • Not into a casino there either. Yuck.

  2. Worst idea from Yang yet. Seems like his whole schtick was about using math ( or idea of )to cover up the lack of understanding of well, almost everything. It almost worked for the country full of people with math phobia. More super tall buildings are coming to your neighborhood if he gets elected, they would be so tall that it would be bananas!

    • You are probably right. Not sure if you have noticed on social media pages, Gigi Li, who currently has been working under Margaret Chin for years, is running for City Council District 1, and she has been posting pics she took w Yang. Here’s my guess, Yang and Gigi are chummy, so if either of them wins (or both), chances are they will sell out to developers like Margaret Chin did. Just my two cents.

  3. Wow! He just lost my vote with that idea!

  4. He’s completely unqualified, a shiny bauble the way Cynthia Nixon was.

    Take, for example, his defense of the absence of secular education in Hasidic yeshivas – there have been lawsuits, State monitors, a horrifying lack of enforcement – and enormous problems for anyone who wants to leave that world and has only a 3rd grade secular education. But he believe outcomes are equal? In what world? And his basis – not studies, not data but a prep school course he took!!!

    Then there’s his endorsement of any number or Chinese American candidates- and only Chinese American candidates. Are we going back to the ethnic politics of the 70s – 90s? Diversity is the goal, not this.

    We need someone with government experience. I don’t know why that all these arrogant private sector folk think government is so easy that they don’t need to know anything.