Cheap mobile covid testing available in Battery Park City

The state has started a new covid testing initiative where New Yorkers can get cheap tests from vans parked in Battery Park City. There are three sites, and you have to register with ClarityMedHealth before you can make an appointment, but the process is pretty painless. I just did it in about 5 minutes and made an appointment at the Irish Hunger Memorial. The bill is $25. (Thanks to E. for the photo and the heads-up.)

NB: These tests are NOT for folks who have had exposure or symptoms — for that you have to go to a doctor (ie, CityMD). The other two BPC sites are at the NYPD Memorial at Liberty Street and South End Avenue and Pier A. They give the rapid antigen test only.

Here’s the deets from the state website:
The NY Forward Rapid Test Program is a public-private partnership designed to expand rapid testing sites across New York State with the goal of building consumer confidence. This new network of testing centers will provide New Yorkers with convenient access to low-cost COVID-19 rapid tests that will help to safely accelerate reopening of the state’s economy, including the cultural sector and event economy.

The new easily accessible rapid test sites will follow all safety protocols and guidelines and will have a quick turnaround time, with results available within 30 minutes. Tests will be available to all New Yorkers for no more than $30.

To be eligible for a NY Forward Rapid Test Program test, consumers must NOT: be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have been exposed to a person with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 within the last 10 days, have received a positive COVID-19 test result in the past 10 days, or be currently obligated to quarantine under New York State Department of Health guidelines.



  1. I got tested this week at the one by the Irish hunger memorial… super fast and efficient, had my result in 20 min…

    Totally worth the 25usd to avoid having to sign up on a wait list on City MD …

  2. I’ve seen these mobile sites around past bunch of weeks. Glad it was a good experience and those testing specifics are important.

  3. I had a good experience too. For kids they don’t have the shorter swabs but the woman was very patient. Their site link isn’t working right now-I just noticed. I wanted to go there today.